It is actually a dual audio power amplifier that is designed specifically for very good quality stereo applications. TDA is used in amplifier circuits as the electronic components associated with the circuit are abundantly available and are economic too. The IC is integrated with two identical amplifiers that can produce an output of Here the two channels are bridged to get a single output channel weighting 25 W.

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Do you want it? I know why you feel interested in this. Because you have a quality Hi-Fi system like this. This is a class AB audio power amplifier. And, it is suitable for 4 ohms loudspeaker. It assembled in Multiwatt package, specially designed for high-quality stereo application as Hi-Fi and music center. We can see its shape here. First of all, enter the power supply to the circuit. Then, feed the audio signal to the input. Both channels left and right is working the same. If you want to build this project.

First, you should to find or buy all electronic components lists below. Electrolytic Capacitors C1, C2—2. You can assemble it onto a universal PCB. It is easy. If you want a PCB layout. I am sorry. I do not have it. But you may see the components layout below. Of course! Check the power supply voltage and polarity before connecting to the circuit.

What is more? Do you high loud at the output. We have a many ways to do. But this is a good for IC. Using Bridge mode with two TDA on same power supply. If you want to the system stereo as a result just build enhance again the circuit. In fact, the necessary things. I tell you of all … but I feel better. If you are interested in learning TDA Datasheet. It can improve you. I always try to make Electronics Learning Easy. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Can you please tell me from where i can purchase the PCB for this..? I checked this for online but disappointed? Is it available with the retail stores? Hi,jeevan Thanks for your feedback.

Hi, this is great thing it is working very well. I am using 5W speakers until I find 10W speakers, but can I connect on output and pair of a bass speakers, will that work and how many watts it can be when there is 5W and how many when is 10W speakers conected? Table of Contents.

TDA Datasheet. The working of the circuit Parts you will need. How to build it. Caution of the circuit. Not only that. Here is a great stereo chip amplifier. Share Pin. Related Posts. This comment form is under antispam protection. Notify of. Hi, this was very useful page and i wish to assemble an amplifier with TDAA. Please help me. Waqar Ahmed. Hi Any one want any Pcb of any type feel free to call me ….. Hi any one required any type of pcb feel free to call me….

Suraj Abdulbaki. It works well but when I increase the volume on my phone, there is noise on the speaker. Apichet Garaipoom. Hi, Thanks for your feedback. Please suggest me why it wrong diagram. Close Menu. Facebook Pinterest.


Power Amplifier Circuit using TDA2009






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