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It is believed that the Rancharitmanas Path has the power to grant you any wish. If you like our efforts you may support us by buying some of your monthly rqeuirements from follwing links:.

USA: Support us by buying something from this link. India: Support us by buying something from this link. Samputs are generally two liners from the Racmharitmanas itself. Ramcharitmanas dohe are believed to work as siddha mantras when they are used as samputs in Ramcharitmanas path recitation.

Meaning: The one with Lotus like eyes Lord Ram has Bow and arrow He destroys the troubles of his devotees and gives them happiness. Meaning: Lord if you are called The protector of weak, you take away all pains as Vedas say it.

We are chanting your name as we are under pain now May all our dangers get destroyed and we become happy. Lord you are Protector of weak and destroy the great obstacles. Please take away the great danger which has befallen on me. This samput destroys the imminent danger on the devotee and protects him from all misfortunes. He is like a wildfire to destroy the numerous dynasties of Demons. Meaning: Problems arisen out of Bodly , Problem dues to divine intervention, and problems related to materialistic pursuit; all of these problems did not exist anywhere in Kingdom of Ram.

Meaning: Hanuman and Angad entered the battlefield. Demons fled upon hearing the warnings from them. Meaning: I take your name during daytime and I meditate on you in between my forehead at night. I have your feet imagined in my eyes, how will the Pranas Lifeforce will leave the body.

Meaning: I salute to PavanKumar Hanuman who is like wildfire to forest of bad forces and he knowledge is vast. In his heart , there is Lord Rama with bow and arrow in his hands. Meaning: I have lost my things , o helper of the weak. You are powerful Raghuraj and its all easy for you. Please bring my stolen thing back gain o God.

Meaning: He who can feed and take care of the entire world, his name will be as famous as Bharat younger brother of Ram. He is the dense rainy clouds to extinguish the fire of poverty. Meaning: As the river goes and merges into the sea. Similarly the wealth and pleasure goes to to the person , even uninvited, who follows the dharma righteousness, compassion and religious. Out of her deep affection to her son she keeps on singing and extolling the adorable sweet acts of baby Rama.

Meaning: The willing person who listens and who sings this they get various kinds of pleasure and wealth. Meaning: Sadhak The one who undertakes rigorous austerities to attain some kind of siddhi. Meaning: The people Jeevanmukta Vimukta- who have attained liberation in lifetime only , Virarakt who is not attached to anything and Vishyai Who is after materialistic pursuits only all three if they listen to Ramcharitmanas get the Bhakti supreme devotion to GOD , Liberation from the cycle of birth and death and worldly wealth and pleasure in the order we mentioned formerly.

Meaning: O Hanuman you are son of wind god Pavan and your force is just like him. You have Intelligence, wisdom and are epitome of knowledge. Meaning: Whoever is blessed by Ram , for him poison turns into nectar and enemies turn into friends. Meaning: No one can be enemy of a person who is blessed by Lord Rama.

Meaning: If ShriRamji wants to grace someone , he instills knwoledge goddess Saraswti in his heart. This is ultimately going to dissolve into these elements only. Meaning: Shri Hanuanji has got the approval of Shri Ram by remembering the his holy name always. At that very moment Lord Shri Ram came into battlefield and launched hundreds of thoursands of arrows which moved towards enemies like a definite death.

He and Mata Sita are so beautiful that millions and millions of kamdev Supposed to be most beautiful God will be shamed of his beauty if he just looks at Shri Ram and mata Sita. Meaning: God has childlike love for his devotees and he is ocean of mercy. If the faith is real , God will appear in front of devotee. Rather than saying thousand names of God Vishnu , one single Ram name chant is equal to that o beautiful faced Parvati.

If you keep this mantra in your heart, All great treasures of the world will be your slave and that person will not have any kind of fear , poverty, disgrace or any pain. Click on icons to buy. Good for imparting Indian cultural values to Children. November 24, November 24, April 17, April 25, This is not for a personnel use but for the good purpose of the human beings…..

Dear Pramodji, We have protected our content as there many bots on net which just copy and paste the every published article and make it difficult fro google to distinguish between a genuine content and just copied or badly altered text. This leads to the death of some genuine sites at early stage itself. Let us grow a little bigger and we may change our policies in future. However we have mailed your desired information to your email id ajoyvats gmail.

We read you comment at Dibhu. I am extremely sorry for delayed response as I was engaged in prolonged Shrimad Bhagwat recitation and some other religious events. I have sent you the entire content in word format for your reference.

Dear Rituji, We have mailed you the dohas for your reference. We have mailed you the Shri Ramcharitmanas Samput dohas on email id arvind. You should be a part of a contest for one of the finest blogs online. Jai Shree Ram.. You are doing a good job.. Will you kindly email to me these Samputs and Shree Krishna Mantras.. I will be grateful.. Regards Sanjay Vats Mobile abc. We have altered the last few digits of your phone number to obviate any spam calls to you.

In case you want to display your number let us know. Please send to me as well: permeshtiwari hotmail. Thank you. We have sent you all Samput dohas by mail. Prabhu Shri Ram Kripa karein. Dharm ki vriddhi ho! Adharm ka naash ho! Your email address will not be published. India: Support us by buying something from this link of BigBasket.

Skip to content. If you like our efforts you may support us by buying some of your monthly rqeuirements from follwing links: USA: Support us by buying something from this link India: Support us by buying something from this link. Related Posts. Old Varanasi Pictures April 17, April 25, Next Article Ahmedabad used bike market. Regards, Prashant. Dear Shatrunjayji, We read you comment at Dibhu. Hello Sir, Could you please send all the dohas on my email id.

Thanking You,. Dear Prakashji, We read you comment at Dibhu. We have sent you al the dohas with meaning. Happy to be of some service to Ram Bhakts! Jai Shri Ram! Jai Hanuman! Please send the dohas to my email id. Regards, Arvind. Dear Aravindji, We are extremely sorry for delayed response this time. Kindly forgive us. Please check.. Thank you Jai Shri Ram!!

Jai Shri Hanuman! Regards, Bairagi. Dear Sir, We have sent you on you email. Prabhu Shri Ram kalyan karein! Om SHanti!


Ramayan Dohe

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Ramayan Dohe


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