Harry Newton is a writer, consultant, investor and public speaker. Newton writes a daily web blog called In Search of the Perfect Investment, which you are welcome to visit. The column focuses on investments to buy -- from stocks to real estate syndications, and on stocks not to buy. It contains real-life lessons from Newton's own investing. They also published over 40 books on networking, imaging, telecom and computer telephony. It was published most recently in February,

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Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. Newton's Telecom Dictionary is unlike any other technical reference you've ever read. First, it assumes that you, the reader, are not technical. Second, it assumes you want to fully understand the term in business terms. So it not only defines the term, but it provides "Buying Checklists," replete with warnings. Salesman use this book to understand their product's benefits. Users use this book to get a handle on conflicting technologies.

Bosses use this dictionary to get more than enough info to be dangerous. Consultants use this book to glean higher fees. And lawyers actually use this book in court. As a result, Newton's Telecom Dictionary has truly become an industry-standard dictionary. He founded three leading monthly telecom magazine - Call Center, Computer Telephony, and Teleconnect. He is of late a successful angel early venture capitalist in telecom, networking and Internet ventures.

Recently he started a monthly newsletter, Harry Newton's Technology Investor. For a subscription go to www. He is not an engineer. But he knows enough to be dangerous in front of them.

And that, he says, is the ultimate thrill. Read an Excerpt The following definitions show a few of the amusing and offbeat terms and explanations scattered throughout the dictionary. Baby Bills A term for the numerous companies formed by ex-employees of Microsoft. Back Hoe Fade The degradation in service experienced when a backhoe cuts your buried fiber optic cable. Called fade because sometimes not all communications are cut off.

Also, when they are all cut off, the term becomes a euphemism. Better to report a back hoe fade to your boss than to say, "We've just lost , circuits between New York and Washington. Our cus-tomers are not pleased. You don't want to receive. You set up a "bozo filter. Bozo filters are best set up by your email provider at this site.

You don't want to set them up on your machine. See Mail Bomb. Cable Dog Slang expression. In the West, lifelong cable installer who seeks no upward mobility. In the East, worker who deals with underground cable. Back in the old days, candles were used to decorate Christmas trees. This was obviously very dangerous.

Telephone employees are trained to be safety conscious. The installer took the lights from an old switchboard, connected them together, strung them on the tree, and hooked them to a battery. Then he spent the next 40 years looking for the one burnt bulb Crapplet A poorly written or totally useless Java applet. Says Stuart, "Our people think that a drunken Swede has recorded this message. Throwing sufficient horsepower, however, has been expensive, until recently.

Drunken Swedes are going to get less and less common as horsepower gets cheaper and cheaper. Goats People in our population whose voices cannot — under any circumstances — be recognized by voice recognition machines. No one seems to know where this term came from. Going Cyrillic Going cyrillic is when a graphical display LED panel, bit-mapped text and graphics starts to display garbage.

Barbie does her work for the Electronic Telecommunications Inc. For exam-ple, Mr. Gleick referred to Microsoft's seeming unwillingness to use the word "bug" and use words such as "known issue," "intermittent issue", "design side effect," "undocumented behavior," or "technical glitch.

Suddenly, something on someone beeps. But the someone doesn't know or pretends not to know which of the many wireless devices he's carrying that is bleating. Is it the cell phone? Or the pager? Or the PCS phone? The person starts patting himself all over, with mock embarrassment.

But his look screams, "I'm wired and I'm proud. The article was headeed, "We've got a bad case of digital gizmosis. You punch in your credit card numbers to make your long distance call. There's a fellow standing behind you. He's carefully watching what you're doing. He is memorizing the digits you have punched in. When you are through, he will write them down and sell them to someone else, who will use them to make fraudu-lent long distance phone calls.

Our friend is indulging in a new "occupation. An ATM term. Stupid User Tricks. When closing help desk tickets, it describes situations where the problem was user stupidity, such as the power cord not plugged in, the monitor unplugged, the keyboard not attached, etc.

Threshold Of Pain 1. The present price of local telephone service. Unbearable noise. Zen Mail Email messages that arrive with no text in the mes-sage body Shop 1 Books 2. Add to Wishlist. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Members save with free shipping everyday!

See details. Overview Why? Because it's impossible to keep up. Newton adds, changes, updates and expands over definitions a week. No other industry changes as fast. No other industry has more confusing terms. It not only defines the terms and the acronyms. It tells you what the term is, how it works, how you use it, what its business benefits are and how it fits into the scheme of things.

This is not a common dictionary. It's far closer to an encyclopedia. About the Author Harry Newton has 30 years in telecommunications. Show More. Table of Contents Terms are laid out in normal alphabetical order. But the dictionary begins with a section called Dates, covering important happenings in the industry's history.

Next section is Numbers, detailing the industry's standards and numeric conventions. There are also diagrams and tables which explain how things work and the evolution of concepts like speed and standards. Introduction I love this industry. I love writing this dictionary. My wife says, "Come on, 20 years is enough already. I'm sick of seeing your back bobbing up and down as you get excited by yet another concept, another idea, another invention, another word.

How many words can you keep adding? Get a life.


Newton's Telecom Dictionary

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Parents, teachers, and students: Visit our new K Student Library. Last edited by Clean Up Bot. February 13, History. By Harry Newton , Ray Horak. Go to the editions section to read or download ebooks. Newton's telecom dictionary Harry Newton, Ray Horak. Want to Read.



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