Some of these meetings were described by Paramahansa Yogananda in his book Autobiography of a Yogi , including a report of Yogananda's own meeting with the yogi. In the second last chapter of his book, he mentions Babaji changing his form to that of Lord Shiva. All of these accounts, along with additional reported meetings, are described in various biographies. There are very few accounts of Babaji's childhood.

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The first in this line of gurus, Babaji is of unknown age, and lives in the Himalayas with a few highly advanced students. Seeing that in the present scientific age, people were better prepared to receive higher knowledge, Babaji directed his disciple, Lahiri Mahasaya, to reintroduce the meditation science of Kriya Yoga to the world.

His speech is generally in Hindi, but he converses easily in any language. The deathless guru bears no marks of age on his body; he appears to be no more than a youth of twenty-five. His eyes are dark, calm, and tender; his long, lustrous hair is copper-colored. As his undecaying body requires no food, the master seldom eats. As a social courtesy to visiting disciples, he occasionally accepts fruits, or rice cooked in milk and clarified butter.

In , Paramhansa Yogananda was commanded in a vision to serve as the emissary of the Kriya Yoga teachings to the West. In response Babaji himself appeared to Yogananda, blessing him and promising him the ultimate protection:.

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Mahavatar Babaji

Mahavatar Babaji Maharaj is both ageless and eternally young. Sometimes he is formless, while at other times, he appears before his disciples in any form he wishes to liberate humanity from its worldly fetters. Adoringly addressed by various names, such as Mahamuni, Tryambaka Baba, Shiva Baba, and Badua Baba, Babaji Maharaj cannot be described with any historical or scriptural certainty. His works are divine, shrouded in a mystery that eludes precise detail.



Babaji's mission in India has been to assist prophets in carrying out their special dispensations. He thus qualifies for the scriptural classification of Mahavatar Great Avatar. He has stated that he gave yoga initiation to Shankara, reorganizer of the Swami Order, and to Kabir, famous medieval master. The chief nineteenth-century disciple was, as we know, Lahiri Mahasaya, revivalist of the lost Kriya art. The Northern Himalayan crags near Badrinarayan are still blessed by the living presence of Babaji, guru of Lahiri Mahasaya. The secluded master has retained his physical form for centuries, perhaps for millenniums.


Mahavatar Babaji Maharaj

For some time afterward, Daya Mata declined in public meetings to speak about her experience. But when, at this satsanga in Encinitas, a devotee asked Mataji to tell of her visit to Babaji's cave, the Divine Will prompted a positive response. Following is her account, for the inspiration of all. There was a very special relationship between Paramahansa Yogananda and Mahavatar Babaji. Gurudeva often spoke of Babaji, and of the occasion in Calcutta, just before Paramahansaji left India to come to this country, when the Mahavatar had appeared to him. Whenever Master referred to the great avatar, it was with such devotion, such a feeling of reverence, that our hearts were filled with divine love and yearning.


He is still on Earth, choosing to remain in a physical body until everyone on Earth has attained the Divine. Through sadhana, structured spiritual practise, Kriya Yoga techniques offer a proven path to realise the Divine. All Kriya Yoga techniques help practitioners rapidly advance on their spiritual path by providing the necessary tools to calm the mind to the point that the Divine can reveal Itself in the heart. Throughout history, Mahavatar Babaji has chosen select Kriya Masters to share different Kriya Yoga practices and teachings with the world. Mahavatar Babaji works with each Master to choose the techniques and focus best suited for that particular time in history. For generations, these techniques have been faithfully and exclusively passed on from Master to teacher to student through a Kriya Yoga Lineage formalised by a Shaktipat Initiation.

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