It is a Christmas piece based on a Latin poem of the same name, which translates as "Light, warm and heavy as pure gold, and the angels sing softly to the new born babe ". In , he wrote an arrangement for wind ensemble. The choral version became known through Whitacre's project Virtual Choir in The piece is also available for men's choir. A performance takes about four minutes.

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Commissioned by the Texas Music Educators Association for their All-State Band, Lux Aurumque is an extraordinarily lush and poignant adaptation of one of Eric Whitacre's most popular choral works. Gorgeous, simple triads melt from one beautiful chord to the next, creating a slowly evolving wash of colors and light. Elegantly orchestrated by the composer, Lux Aurumque is a profoundly moving experience for players and audiences alike.

October is my favorite month. Something about the crisp autumn air and the subtle change in light always make me a little sentimental, and as I started to sketch I felt that same quiet beauty in the writing.

The simple, pastoral melodies and From composer Eric Whitacre comes a brand new work, the lush and achingly beautiful Sleep. Commissioned by the Big East Consortium, this haunting chorale begins softly and slowly blossoms to a powerful climax.

Can also be performed with optional This loving and dreamlike work captures the undulating rhythm of a mother rocking her child to sleep. Hush thee, my baby, the night is behind us, And black are the waters that sparkled so green. Commissioned for the Indiana All-State Band, Cloudburst is an adaptation of Whitacre's acclaimed choral work of the same name. Lush and luminescent, Cloudburst combines hand bells, thunder sheets and the audience snapping their fingers , Conceived as a raucous "opera buffo" style overture, this work from composer Eric Whitacre is the perfect way to start any concert.

The beautiful theme and brilliant orchestration build to an exciting and breathtaking finale. Noisy Wheels of Joy Eric Whitacre. You might like to consider Add to Wishlist Listen Print Share.

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Lux Aurumque

Year: Duration: c. Bb Bass Clarinet div. Tuba div. Flute 2, Measure 29 part - Quarter rest on beat 3 is missing Flute 4, Measure 29 part - Quarter rest on beat 3 is missing. Lux Aurumque began its life as an a-capella choral work that I wrote in the fall of





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