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Log in or Sign up. Survival Monkey Forums. Tags: halffast shtf. NVBeav , Oct 31, Re: "Lost and Found" by Halffast cha-ching. Re: "Lost and Found" by Halffast Chapter 20 is posted. Please consider answering the questions at the top of the new post. Halffast , Nov 5, Re: "Lost and Found" by Halffast 1. The story seems to be a bit chopped up compared with LO. The character development is slower in this story than what LO was.

You keep exposing abit more of each characters personality with each chapter. Trying to compare the two stories is like comparing apples and oranges. Lights Out is a benchmark others try to match. I enjoyed LO. Lost and Found is a good read. I like the way the characters are coming together. I would like to see them have a little more gumption.

The knife fight would have been better if the character had gone ahead and done it instead of wondering if he could. I have enjoyed myself in your books and short stories. If I can feel like I am a part of the story then I am happy with the book.. Since yours are easy reads down to earth anyone can be a part of it.

If you get to much tech then some people will get lost, if you don't have some then some won't like it. You seem to have a good grsp on that. I noticed in LO, some good guys got killed, I like that.

It makes it real. Thanks for the stories!!! JHH , Nov 8, We all have some "Mall Ninja" in us, maybe more than we'd like to admit. People are essentially very self-absorbed and there's no limit to their cravings and pride. No one really knows how living will be when the balloon goes up, but I like your attempt at thinking through the possibilities. The part I'm looking forward to is the group interaction -- that's the part I liked in LO. What are my neighbors going to do when they notice I'm not losing weight as much as they are?

When the neighbors are hungry and they smell the soup my wife and daughter are eating? Well, I'm getting a little wordy for even myself - it must be the cold medicine.

Thanks again for the story! NVBeav , Nov 11, Re: "Lost and Found" by Halffast Chapter 22 is posted. Thanks to all and Merry Christmas. Halffast , Dec 13, Re: "Lost and Found" by Halffast Another new chapter is available.

Halffast , Jan 15, TnAndy , Jan 16, Re: "Lost and Found" by Halffast It has been interesting to read how the two main characters have developed. The prepper, who we all thought was going to be the good guy, since he is prepared, and the drunk who is now trying to turn his life around. Re: "Lost and Found" by Halffast David, It is a great way of using the title " lost and found" in that order. The way that you introduced the first character, which would inspire us and make us want to be more like he, was increadably well done, you appealed to the moral high roads originally.

Now he is " Lost" and the one you originally scarcely touched is "found". Your style of writing is very skilled and It is easy to see who your influences are. Good job Dave! Keep it up and good luck on your novels! CBMS Out. CBMS , Feb 22, Sorry it's taken so long. It just gets harder and harder to get the chapters right the closer I get to the end. Thanks for all the comments, suggestions, and encouragement. They are really appreciated. Halffast , Mar 6, Also how are the talks with the publisher going?

Count me in when it happens. CBMS , Mar 6, And i thought I would say Hi I clicked on the link for the story above and all I get was the ar15 forums.. I looked all over that site and I could not see the story.. What am i doing wrong??? Re: "Lost and Found" by Halffast. Re: "Lost and Found" by Halffast is the story on this board? This board gets through the work filters.

AR15 board is too politically incorrect. This is probably going to be the last one I post. Thanks for all the support and keep an eye out for my next story, "Dead Reckoning". Halffast , Apr 30, Re: "Lost and Found" by Halffast David, thanks again for sharing your talents with us.

I am really enjoying the story. The character development has really made me feel like I can see each of the characters, and follow the story as if I am watching a movie. I can't wait to read the whole thing one day. I am planning on being in SA sometime in June, maybe we can hook up for dinner. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Thread annual Field Day is this weekend.

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Lights Out

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