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Quick Links. Download this manual. General Description Technical Specifications Pre Installation Considerations Mechanical Installation PC Board Layout and Features Anti Tamper Switch Information Dipswitch Settings Relock Time Delay Nuisance Delay This manual is intended to be kept for programming, maintenance,. Do not dispose of this manual after installation. Please present this manual to the facility manager upon completion of installation.

Erasing Memory Keypad Initialization Keypad Manual Programming TouchEntry Key Manual Programming Error Codes Trouble Shooting Overall Dimensions Table of Contents. Page 2: General Description Locknetics manufactures fire rated mechanical latching devices. These items are available from Locknetics. In some cases it may be necessary to fabricate custom brackets or filler plates to make a secure installation.

If for any reason it is not available, use the dimensions shown below to mark the centerlines of the holes. Page 6: Mechanical Installation Note the direction of the door face. Tighten pan head screws completely.

Mark the posi- tion of the mounting plate. When the cover is removed the unit goes into alarm. A dry contact is required. It can be normally open or normally closed. The lock will adjust for input. It will not unlock the door. Unlike some other Locknetics products, creating a master TEK will not delete the factory default codes. They must be manually deleted. It is a recommended that the factory default Master Code be changed. Doing so will delete all factory default codes and ensure the security of the system.

After entering the Master code the LEDs on the keypad will flash. Only one programmer can be initialized to a particular lock. A Master TEK must also be initialized at the same time as the programmer and will be used to enter the programming mode. See steps below. Master TEK New Toggle TEK Note that some conditions or features are only available on certain models or when certain options are included.

The LED s will flash several times. Count the number of flashes and refer to the chart below for diagnosis. Print page 1 Print document 22 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


Locknetics 101+ Installation And Programming Manual



Locknetics 101+


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