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See more. United States United Kingdom Japan. See apps data and optimize your own apps! Already a user? Sign In. I agree to the Terms of Service. You cannot sign up without agreeing Terms of Service. Sign Up for Free. Keywords See Trends. Get all keyword data via API or Spreadsheet.

Search Visibility. It is complete BMS application. Application designed for fibaro Home Center 2. The System is based on the Z-Wave wireless standard and is able to control the majority of electrical devices and appliances in the home. Thanks to fibaro a smart home can be controlled from anywhere in the world via user-friendly interfaces for devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets. The System operates autonomously, based on information received from sensors and via GPS.

The fibaro System is installed on existing electrical system without a need to modify the building structure. Requires HC version 3. Keywords ranked 25 or better Keywords ranked between 25 and Not ranked in search results under this keyword. Reviews Most Recent 16 Most Helpful It could be so much better. I used to love my Fibaro system. I bought over 50 modules for my HC2. But the plugins and the iOS app, plus an almost non-existent tech support, made me want to move away from Fibaro.

Also, the notification system. For example now i have more than 10 notifications, that even show in the bubble over the app.

But if i start the app, it shows me 0 notifications And the worst thing: it show different values than the web version of Fibaro. Developers: you have the title is labeled incorrectly on the apps. You have the HomeKit labeled which should be the iPhone app.

Any iPhone app is labeled for the HomeKit. Hi guys, this app is okay but when will the support for iPhone X come? I have a door sensor and when is armed the alarm the only way to see if there is any message is to open the app. Very bad given this kind of notification should pop up even if the app is off, otherwise where is it the advantage?

Bad design of the app, it looks like old and a bit too much constructed. Hope really they can improve ASAP on these details! Hi guys, Thanks for the app, could you please add iPhone X support? Latest update crashes phone on app exit. Phone must be restarted to restore normal operation. Fibaro, please fix. After update the application to the last release the application sometime hanging and the icons is mixing with each other Please Fibaro fix the issue.

Terrible UI, Almost a deal-breaker. Sorry to say, but the app looks terrible. I have trouble feeling like I made the right choice in committing to the hardware side of things when I can see the software side has been handled so amateurishly.

Astounding that a serious company producing and shipping products can show such disregard for user experience and aesthetics.

The app design is probably the best in class. Nice, smart. O sistema Fibaro permite controle da casa ou empresa pelo iPhone, de forma simples e inteligente. Get this data via API or Spreadsheet. Rating Trends. Current Version 2.

Probable Competitors. Onyx Theaters. Alder Security. Alder Holdings, LLC. Axial Control Paid. Moonlit Software, LLC. Telguard HomeControl. Telular Corporation. Slomin's Inc. Alarm Relay. Alarm Relay, Inc. Axial Control. Customers Also Bought. Athom B. Mios Limited. Eve for HomeKit. Eve Systems GmbH. Bird Home Automation GmbH. Z-wave Home Mate. Philio Technology Corporation.

My Zipato. Tri plus grupa d. Futurehome Classic. Futurehome AS. Netatmo Security. Add To My Keyword Notepad. Home Assistant. Robert Trencheny. Z-wave Home Mate 2. ZWay Home Control. Christian Paetz. Shelly Cloud. Tera communications SA. Patrick Ferreira. Millheat-keep warm with style. Mill International AS. Aqara Home. Lumi United Technology Co. Broadlink Co. UniFi Protect. Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. Nuki Smart Lock. Nuki Home Solutions GmbH. Loxone Electronics GmbH. Unifythings Inc. Miele mobile.

Grupa OLX Sp.



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See more. United States United Kingdom Japan. See apps data and optimize your own apps! Already a user? Sign In. I agree to the Terms of Service.

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