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Airplane page 17 - Connections - Diagram page 18 - Input mode and function page 19 - Normal mode page 20 - Model selection page 21 - Model name entry page 22 - Model type selection page 23 - Model copy function page 24 - Modulation Selection page 25 - Trainer function page 26 - Switch select page 27 - Wing type selection page 28 - Flaperon Wing Type Selection page 29 - Elevon Type Selection page 30 - V-Tail Type Selection page 31 - Functions function mode.

Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Remote Control JR X 2. J7xph helicopter computer radio; j7xpc airplane computer radio; j7xpg glider computer radio pages. Page 6 A narrow band ceramic filter for high- The R's Slimline design allows it to fit signal selectivity assists in rejecting cross into most model applications.

This receiver features XP - Introduction While at mechanical trim levers, when the X the Normal display screen, if a trim lever transmitter is in the off position, no Any transmitter frequency change made by non-certified technician may result in a violation of the FCC rules. Page 14 To adjust the stick length, use the approximately one inch longer than 2mm Allen wrench supplied with your standard. This stick, crafted from bar XP transmitter to unlock the set stock aluminum, is available at your screw.

Turn the wrench counterclockwise local JR dealer. It is considerably shorter than flexible coil and is covered with a soft the standard antenna. Page 16 5. Mount the receiver antenna firmly to diagram will assist you in properly the airplane to ensure that it will not mounting your servo. If this occurs, Center. Due to the possibility of extensive it will be necessary to replace the lithium damage caused by improper removal or battery and reprogram all data.

Therefore, Another very useful function of the Model it is possible to have a mixture of Selection function is the ability to set helicopter and airplane setups retained one aircraft up several different ways. The current model will be displayed in the Normal display. Page 23 6. Press the Down key to access the 4. Next, press the Clear key. Press the Down and Select keys selected model. XP - Airplane Manual Page 27 In addition, they unavailable. With Elevon active, both can be programmed to move in the same Flaperon and V-Tail will be direction for use as flaps or spoilers unavailable.

Finally, with V-Tail active, Elevon will be unavailable. Page 28 Dual-Rate 4. Plug the left wing aileron servo into the function. Connect the right aileron servo so. This style of aircraft also employs two wing servos. Connect this servo Connect this servo However, there is not an elevator present.

Page 30 Servo Reversing function your XP For more information, to reverse the travel direction. Move the power switch to the On 3. Use either the Up or Down to scroll position. Press the Down and Select keys simultaneously. Page 32 Either a 9. Press the Down arrow and Select keys 0 or a 1 will be shown, corresponding to simultaneously to exit the function the position of the switch.

To select the mode. This will ease setup during of a given channel servo. All six channels the servo installation into your aircraft. Page Sub Trim 5. Page 35 The for each direction individually. The Travel Adjust range is from each direction of servo travel.

Page 38 LCD screen. Note: Pressing the Clear key will Inhibit the Throttle Cut, turning it off until it has been reactivated. Press the Select key to select the simultaneously. The chart below different purposes. This function allows indicates the channel and its mixing any one channel to any other corresponding abbreviation.

Mixing is only limited selected to always be active ON. This function is is not applicable. Therefore, the Fail Page 43 Down and Select keys screen appears. Move the sticks. Page 47 Horizon Service Center. Page 48 To adjust the stick length, use the approximately one inch longer than 2mm Allen wrench supplied with your standard. Page 50 5.

Page 53 upper position. Page 57 6. XP - Helicopter Manual Page 62 XP - Helicopter Manual Page 63 Accessing the Mode Function 1. Page 64 Either a 0 or a 1 will be shown, corresponding to 9. Press the Down arrow and Select keys the position of the switch. To select the simultaneously to exit the function mode.

Page 66 5. Page 67 The for each direction individually. Page 68 Throttle Cut Mode. Page 70 LCD screen. Page 71 Down key. The 8. Once press the Down and Select keys you establish the proper idle value for simultaneously. This function allows you to the flight mode switch is in the customize the throttle curve and pitch normal position. Page 73 Normal mode. The throttle trim lever has speed position.

Note: The Hovering Throttle has no effect on flight mode switch position 1. Page 75 3. If any of the other points have been changed while these points were XP - Helicopter Manual Page 76 0 to to ease your understanding of other curves. Page 78 Increase the D, or down, mix until the helicopter descends with no tendency to turn. Throttle stick movements should be slow, and the initial acceleration and deceleration swings should be ignored.

Mixing is only limited by your imagination. Page 81 Then, hover your helicopter. Using helicopters pitch either up or down. However, at or throttle settings. Page 83 Down and Select keys screen appears.

Use only the JR through their rotations and no linkages servo arm screws provided; the size is hang up or bind. Page 86 4. Perform a ground range check before Make sure that the switch harness moves each day's flying session. The range freely in both directions. FCC requires that changes in transmitter frequency must be performed only by an Channels 12—14 are not available through authorized service technician Horizon Service Center. XP - Manual Print page 1 Print document 91 pages.

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JR X2610 programing question



JR XP6102 Instruction Manual






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