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Such cards can normally be read out by a reader without being powered themselves, as the reader will supply the necessary power to the card over the air wireless. As the vicinity cards have to operate at a greater distance, the necessary magnetic field is less 0. The data rate can be:. A logic 0 starts with eight pulses of The data frame delimiters are code violations, a start of frame is:. The data are sent using a Manchester code.

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This document specifies the nature and characteristics of the fields to be provided for power and bidirectional communications between vicinity coupling devices VCDs and vicinity cards VICCs. Multi-user access to over 3, medical device standards, regulations, expert commentaries and other documents.

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Air interface and initialization. Cards, Integrated circuit cards, Communication procedures, Electrical properties of materials, Data processing, Integrated circuits, Information exchange, Coding data conversion , Identity cards, Interfaces data processing. Objets sans contact de voisinage Interface et initialisation dans l'air.


ISO/IEC 15693-2:2006

The card can be carried by members of the public in a purse or wallet and when presented nearby a terminal device give access to places, goods or services. In addition, the card can be attached to objects like bags and valuable items which can then be tracked whilst in the vicinity of a reading device. Power is coupled to the vicinity card by an a. When sufficient power is received by the card, it is able to respond to commands sent from the coupler. The coupler sends commands to the card by modulating the powering field and by using a modulation system known as pulse position modulation, whereby the position of a single pulse relative to a known reference point codes the value of a nibble or byte of data. This allows the card to draw the maximum energy from the field almost continuously.


ISO/IEC 15693


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