During my childhood in the heart of West Yorkshire, there were two pieces of wisdom that were regularly handed out with the bread and dripping across the scullery tea table. The second, more colourfully rendered as "You never get owt for nowt" conveyed the idea that just because something could be obtained for little money didn't mean it was worth having. In fact, the reverse was often true. Drumsticks and a pair of headphones not pictured are also included.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Electronic Drum Kit. Table of Contents. Studio session drums, usb drumset with video game 2 pages. Ion audio compact electronic drum set specification sheet 1 page. Ion audio tabletop electronic drum set specification sheet 1 page. The flat part of the rubber faces the floor. Install one horizontal bar B2 to the preinstalled horizontal clamp C as shown in the picture.

Page 4 Insert three clamps D on to a horizontal bar B2 and put two horizontal clamps C on the end. Slide the assembly onto the two vertical bars as shown. Now slide another clamp D down the left hand vertical bar which is going to be used for the Hi-Hat. Then slide one small bar B3 into the clamp D as shown. Attach to lower horizontal bar as shown in figure and angle accordingly.

The iDM01 Drum Machine will rest on top of this. This is how the finished assembly will look. Page 6 Quick Setup Guide Make sure all items listed on the front of this guide are included in the box. Place drum set in an appropriate position for operation. Page 7: Getting Started Getting Started This section will cover how to begin using your electronic drum kit. Be sure that your electronic drum kit setup matches the diagram shown in the Quick Setup Guide as previously shown.

While the unit is powered on, turn the volume up on the headphones half way. Page 10 Instrucciones del ensamblaje del soporte Instale las patas de goma A1 al extremo de cada barra B1 de la base del soporte.

La parte plana de la goma va hacia el piso. Deslice las dos barras verticales como se muestra en la figura. Faites glisser ensuite une autre bague de fixation D le long de la barre verticale gauche qui servira pour le pad de charleston. Page 22 Elektronisches Trommelset Schnellaufbauanleitung Schieben Sie die zwei senkrechten Stangen B2 in die verbleibenden Aussparungen, wie in der Abbildung gezeigt, nach oben gerichtet ein.

Schieben Sie diese Konstruktion, wie gezeigt, auf die zwei senkrechten Stangen. Montieren Sie diese an die untere Querstange wie in der Abbildung gezeigt und richten Sie diese im angegebenen Winkel ein. So sieht die fertige Konstruktion aus. Page 29 Kit batteria elettronica Manuale rapido di utilizzazione Installare una barra orizzontale B2 sul morsetto orizzontale predisposto C come da illustrazione.

Quindi far scorrere una barra piccola B3 nel morsetto D come illustrato. Attaccarlo alla barra orizzontale inferiore come illustrato in figura ed angolare di conseguenza. Print page 1 Print document 35 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


Ion Audio IED01

Quick Description. Inputs will accept switch-type inputs usually from foot pedals. It also has 11 external trigger inputs to which you can connect your external triggers. The iDM02 offers two main modes, Perform for playback and Compose for recording. When recording with a drum machine, it's often easier to divide a song into shorter individual Patterns and work on these rather than record an entire song. After perfecting these Patterns, Song mode offers two ways to create a song:.


Ion idm02 manual pdf

Quick Links. Download this manual. Electronic Drum Kit. Table of Contents. Studio session drums, usb drumset with video game 2 pages. Ion audio compact electronic drum set specification sheet 1 page.


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