The Consortium enrolls engineering and technological institutions as its members and subscribe to electronic resources for them at discounted rates of subscription and favourable terms and conditions. The benefit of consortia-based subscription to electronic resources is not confined to its core members but is also extended to all educational institutions under its open-ended proposition. The total number of members in the Consortium has now grown to It is the biggest Consortium in terms of number of member institutions in Asia. The Consortium attracts the best possible price and terms of agreement from the publishers on the basis of strength of its present and prospective member institutions. The Consortium subscribes to over 12, electronic journals from a number of publishers and aggregators.

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Local hosting of resources has only been considered for a few resources. The consortium charges an annual membership fee of Rs. One thousand only. All electronic resources subscribed are available from the publisher's Web site. One can also download the list of journals along with their URLs in xls format that may be used for generating Web pages for a Library's Web site by the subscribing institute.

Moreover, the consortium also provides technical help and arrange for in-house training for optimal usage of resources subscribed. Search this site. Home Page.

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INDEST-AICTE Consortium (merged in e-Shodh Sindhu)








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