The product information is supplied by NBS Plus which is a library of building product manufacturer information linked to NBS clauses and clause guidance. Overview Endorsements. This Installer guide is designed to help professional plumbers obtain the best results when using Hep2O plastic push-fit fittings and pipe. It provides guidance on good plumbing practice and comprehensive advice to enable users to get the best possible performance from the Hep2O system. File Details. Related products in NBS.

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Applications Hep2O is suitable for most domestic and commercial plumbing applications: hot and cold water services and heating. In addition to new construction, the extreme flexibility of the Hep2O pipe means it is the ideal solution for renovation, system extensions and situations where space is restricted.

This means Hep2O is widely used on mobile homes, portable homes and boats, as well as in traditional residential and commercial plumbing installations. The compatibility of Hep2O fittings with copper ensures a simple, fast and reliable method of jointing to traditional materials on site. The Hep2O range comes with a wide variety of pipes, demountable fittings and manifolds.

Hep2O pipes are available as standard and barrier pipe incorporating an oxygen barrier to inhibit oxygen permeation. All Hep2O fittings are designed to also connect directly to copper pipework. Raw material pipes Polybutylene PB. The inner layer in barrier pipes are made of EVOH. Raw material fittings Fitting body made of polybutylene. Transition fittings are made from zinc-free DZR brass.

Wall thickness Nominal Wall thickness DM mm mm 10 1. Contact details Wavin Overseas B. Rollepaal 19, BR P. Pipe flexibility in conjunction effect. PB has lowest energy footprint Push-fit fittings compared to other plumbing Rapid assembly with no tools materials.

Re-usable fittings Reliable jointing even after dismantling and re-assembly. Range Product specifications The Hep2O range comes with a wide variety of pipes, demountable fittings and manifolds. E-mail: wavin.

Sanicon Energy Solution. Published on Oct 21, Go explore.


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