Even when you have reached the necessary CEFR level, you will want to know what exactly is expected from you in the exam. A complete test shows you exactly what the exam will be like and gives you the opportunity to try it out with your course participants. You can download matching mock examinations in every language examination. The Tips for Test Takers are geared towards teachers and exam candidates. The different types of tasks are explained so that students can better understand what is being asked of them and how each task is tackled best. The tips also contain examples of written performances and how they were rated.

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Are you looking for a German course with motivated participants, good teachers, efficient learn planning and proficient consultants? Most important we have no overbureaucratized administration. You can enroll, You can start anytime you want. This course was planned as an alternative solution to the problems of the traditional Integration courses and helps You to learn and practise the german language successfully, due to the execution of a rigorous Quality Control system. Kursstart A2: Kursstart B1: Kursstart B2: Kursstart C1: This happens mainly because of two facts: many language schools tend to overfill the courses, due to the high costs of the courses, which are cofinanced by the Government.

Some participants especially in the Integration Courses are not motivated enough and this can disturb the correct progress of the Course. Along the years we have been focussed on developing methods, in order to solve this problem, to form groups of students who are motivated to reach the goal of improving their knowledge of the german language.

We finally have introduced the Quality-Control System. What is it? At the beginning we pay considerable attention to the placement.

At the end of every Level there are Zwischentests intermediate tests which give us an image of the progress of all the students. The school management is continously in contact with the teachers and helps them by evaluating their impressions concerning the students and the test results and administrating the group.

In addition the work at ISD is strongly target-oriented. Our interest and our biggest joy is that every course participant fully uses his capability in learning german, in order to reach a successful goal, no matter if this is to pass an exam or just improve the language for the work or the everyday life. The school management requires from the teachers a very detailed documentation about the course progress, the results and the regularity of the participation, including for example in doing homework.

This means that every effort of our work tends to one goal: to offer You the possibility to learn German by investing your money and your time the right way! In line with the common framework of the language scale stated by the European Union, ISD sets up courses from the beginner up to the advanced level as follows:.

The language trainings are intensive and run every day, depending on the options you choose below. The courses are planned by qualified specialists for medical German. Our Institute has the permission to organize this courses which are offered by the german Government. This option is for participants with a Berechtigungsschein. We will be glad to help you, in order to get a permission to participate to the free Course.

Only in this way can we offer you an efficient course. Only in this way can you optimize your skills and your potential and improve your performance during the exam. The ISD-Freiburg language school offers an immediate service of online courses in compact modules of 10 lessons each. All courses are one-on-one with qualified teachers online no recorded video!

These courses are didactically thought to offer the best results. Thanks to the experience and to Know-How ISD acquired through more than a decade of professional work in the German-teaching field, we are able to guarantee a very high quality, which is officially confirmed by our AZAV certification. Furthermore, the ISD-Freiburg language school is a very productive institute in the field of the telc German language certificates, with more than exams every year.

Ready in 5 steps! Step 1. Step 2. Registration: online, clicking here on the bottom, via Email or on the phone. Step 3. Payment: via PayPal or through credit transfer.

Step 4. Choice of learning rhythm: there are 3 options: intensive, extensive or flexible see down in description. You can anyway change it even during the course, sending us an Email or on the phone. Step 5. Online Booking German online. Description Each module is structured as the following one:. OK1: Start Deutsch A1. OK5: Start Deutsch A2. OK9: Start Deutsch B1. OK Start Deutsch B2. OK Start Deutsch C1.

Are you interested? Online German courses Skype The ISD-Freiburg language school offers an immediate service of online courses in compact modules of 10 lessons each.


German courses, medical German and Online Modules

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It's easy to enter our virtual classroom with your computer, tablet or laptop: Here your personal language trainer and the other course participants are waiting for you, with whom you can reach your language goal together in the shortest possible time. German classes The city. We think learning German should be easy, fun and rewarding! The special intensity allows for vast comprehension in a short period of time. Our long experience in teaching students with different German levels will give you the best opportunity to practise and improve your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, and your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. We offer many kinds of German language courses , including General German, preparation for university Examinations, Business German and more.

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