Symbiogeneze v evoluci. Alejevova ekomorfologie. Ekologie a fylogeneze. Zima, L. Kauffman: Investigations "Organization" is not matter alone, energy alone, entropy or information alone but something new. James Brown: A metabolic theory of ecology From microbes to monsters, molecules to ecosystems.

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One cannot be solitary, but without a strong leader there can neither be a strong or supportive collective nor can stimulating challenges arise in contact with other collectives and individuals.

And above all, they are teams from various nations and backgrounds, with researchers with high creative potential, with their colleagues in labo-. What position is held by the Slovak Academy of Sciences, its scientists and the results of its research in Slovak science and mainly in global science?

The answers to such generally formulated questions cannot be easily written. Questions are borne from our primary ambition: to support excellent research. The ARRA agency thus evaluated more than cooperating groups.

They then examined the assessment methodology of the senior scientists of the teams, followed by a questionnaire method for 63 teams. In the area of social and cultural science, the ARRA agency evaluated individual scientists.

Silvie Pulmannovej, DrSc. Juraja Lapina, DrSc. Petra Mocza, DrSc. Petra Samuelyho, DrSc. Metoda Sanigu, DrSc. Alberta Breiera, DrSc. Petra Gemeinera, DrSc. Petra Komadela, DrSc. Juraja Koppela, DrSc. Malkiny, DrSc. Malkina, DrSc. Jozefa Nogu, DrSc. Malkin and Jozef Noga Karola Marholda, CSc. Silvie Pastorekovej, DrSc. Gabriel Bianchi, CSc. Gabriel Fusek, CSc. Karol Pieta, DrSc. New attractive materials and changes in physico-chemical properties of known materials can be obtained by the application of intensive milling.

For example, the particle size decreasing of mineral realgar As4S4 from micro to nanodimensions results in activity enhancement in cancer research. Eduard Kladiva, CSc. This cooperation is an example of well functioning joint teamwork between SAS and the Comenius University.

We would like to stress that participation in the ATLAS experiment was a great challenge not only for the team but also for its members. Our main tasks are enlisted in the MoU. The electronics were developed by a member of our team in close cooperation with MPI Munich, Germany. It can withstand high radiation doses for twenty years in the LHC experiment without degradation of the main parameters of the amplifiers. Hadron Structure v rokoch , , International Symposium on Multi-.

GRID farmy. We have organized several international conferences such as the Hadron Structure series in , ; International Symposium on Multiparticle Dynamics , Deep Inelastic Scattering and Physics in Collision The conferences were accessible for students, and most of them made use of the opportunity to attend the lectures. Jul Published in Phys. B 1 — Abe KEK, Tsukuba et al. Mar Deep inelastic inclusive e p scattering at low x and a determination of alpha s H1 Collaboration C.

Dec Published in Eur. C21 33 — Nov It is projected at radiation for fifty years of work at sLHC. Oct Published in JHEP Abulencia Illinois U.

Sep CDF Collaboration D. Acosta Florida U. D71 Ferdinand Chovanec, CSc. Another important notion is an observable which models a quantum-mechanical measurement. The main problems of these measurements is the famous Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle that says that there exist two measurements in quantum mechanics that cannot be measured with prescribed accuracies. Nowadays similar problems with accuracies of simultaneous measurements are known also besides quantum mechanics, for example in psychology.

The scope lies between mathematics quantum mechanics, measurement theory, logic and philosophy. This discovery created a bridge between various areas of mathematics such as algebra, group theory, and mathematical logic. These conditions concern the preservation of some resolution measures on given states of structure of opera-. Our topic — mathematics — is not domestic, it is over the Slovak area. Interdisciplinary work: The scope lies between mathematics, quantum mechanics, measurement theory, logic, philosophy International contribution: We have represented non-commutative MV-algebras by intervals in lattice ordered groups with strong unit.

Boris Hudec, PhD. Laboratory GaN-based high electron mobility transitor. The method makes possible the use of powder precursors for the growth of metals, e. Ru, conducting oxides, e. It is possible to use this technology for the. GdScO3 , for which appropriate precursors are not available.

We have proven that these structures are suitable for the next generation of DRAM memories with a characteristic dimension below 20 nm. In GaN: prospect for a record performance. Pozzovivo, G. Applied Phys. V Perez, N. V Fanciulli, M. V Ferrari, C. V Wiemer, C. V Dimoulas, A. Materials Sci Engn. B — Solid-State Lett. Enric Pardo, PhD. Eugen Seiler, PhD. Mykola Soloviov, PhD. Laboratory model of the rotor suspended by the couple of magnetic bearing located at its ends. Sci Technol.

Jozef Pitel, CSc. Miloslav Kulich, PhD. Kovac savba. International Conference on Magnet Technology in Genoa. MgB2 compound. Crosssections of typical filamentary superconducting MgB2 wires developed by the team. Kopera, L. Superconductivity, 16 Superconductivity 22 No. Marek Gebura, PhD. R RNDr.



Spiritual enlightenment and educational activities Members of the mqnaviyat every year give lectures on spiritual and educational, political, legal and religious issues. Rasulev, senior lecturer A. However, leading specialists of the department conduct lectures for people from different regions of the country on topics related to domestic and foreign policy. At the department there are branches of the Jizzakh city pedagogical college and Sayiljoyi academic lyceum and provide methodological pedagogical support.


Fuchs, Kamil 1949-


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