Size, 4. Twelve high-quality laminated pages, loaded with detailed instructions covering all aspects of using these virtually identical 2-meter transceivers. The FT is visually and operationally identical to its predecessor, the FT All controls and menus are the same, the only operational difference being the slightly higher output power level of the FT This Mini-Manual is an ideal short-form instruction manual that simplifies operation of both radios. Provides clear descriptions for all controls, setup menus and modes of operation.

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Quick Links. See also: Technical Supplement. Table of Contents. Page 5: Introduction We recommend that you read this manual in its entirety prior to installing the FTR, so that you fully understand the capabilities of your new transceiver. Specifications guaranteed only within Amateur band.

Frequency ranges will vary according to transceiver version; check with your dealer. Consult your Vertex Standard dealer for details regarding these and any newly- available options. Connection of any non-Vertex Standard-approved accessory, should it cause damage, may void the Limited Warranty on this apparatus.

Page 8: Installation Do not install the transceiver on top of another heat-generating device such as a power supply or amplifier , and do not place equipment, books, or papers on top of the FTR. Avoid heating vents and window locations that could expose the transceiver to excessive direct sunlight, especially in hot climates. These safety tips apply to any device installed in a well-designed amateur radio station.

The antenna or a 50 Ohm dummy load should be connected whenever the transceiver is turned on, to avoid damage that could otherwise result if trans- mission occurs accidentally without an antenna. Mount the transceiver where the display, controls, and microphone are easily accessible, using the supplied MMB mounting bracket.

The transceiver may be installed in almost any location, but should not be positioned near a heating vent nor anywhere where it might interfere with driving either visually or me- chanically.

Page Mobile Power Connections Yaesu dealer. Other external speakers may be used with the FTR, if they present the specified 4-Ohm impedance and are capable of handling the 3 Watts of audio output supplied by the FTR. FTR O The FT- R is specifically designed to integrate into your station easily, using the information to follow as a reference. Display The main digits on the display may show the operating frequency, memory name, or any of many parameters during Menu setup. Page Microphone Switches Press or hold in either of these buttons to tune or scan up or down the operating frequency or through the memory channels.

In many ways, these buttons emulate the function of the rotary DIAL knob. Page Rear Panel Connectors This 2-contact 3. Page Basic Operation Hi! Page Frequency Navigation 1 MHz per step.

This feature is extremely useful for making rapid frequency excursions over the wide tuning range of the FTR. The brightness of the display is manually adjustable, using the following procedure: 1. This transceiver offers three methods of setting up split-frequency operation on repeaters: Manual selection of preset repeater shifts Standard Repeater Shift ; While you are listening on the input frequency to the repeater using the [ REV DW ] key, the repeater offset icon will blink.

Your repeater system may be configured for DCS; Page Epcs Operation 6. The FTR does not recognize the order of the 1st tone and the 2nd tone.

This tone pair will open the Code Squelch of the calling station. These DTMF Autodialer memories can store up to 16 digits of a telephone number for repeater autopatch or other use. Page 37 50 ms. Press and hold in the [ MHz SET ] key for one second to save the new setting and exit to normal operation.

Page "Odd Splits" 4. Page Memory Recall [ 1 ] [ 8 ]. Page Memory Tuning Home Channel. Fortunately, the FTR includes provision for dividing the memories into as many as eight Memory Banks, so you can categorize the memories in a manner convenient to you.

When you have programmed a name which is under 6 characters, press and hold in the [ MHz SET ] key for one second to confirm the label and exit to normal operation.

Once contact is established, you may then tune off the Calling Frequency to an open simplex frequency to carry on your QSO. To return to normal operation, repeat the above power-on procedure. Page Smart Search Operation 2.

Page Storing Smart Search Memories 7. Smart Search is a great tool when visiting a city for the first time. Page 59 3. Press the [ ] key momentarily to activate the Internet Con- nection feature. Page 60 ] key, while you are transmitting, to send out the selected DTMF string to estab- lish the link to the desired Internet-link mode.

When you have made your selection, press and hold in the [ MHz SET ] key for one second to save the new setting and exit to normal operation.

Page Cw Identifier Setup You may check your work by monitoring the entered callsign. Page Packet Operation Speaker jack, per the diagram below.

When the password feature is activated, the radio will ask for the four digit password to be entered when the radio is first turned on. Page Time-Out Timer If there is no action by you within the time interval programmed, an Alert bell will provide an audible warning from the speaker within 1 minute of the APO Timer expiration, then the microprocessor will shut down the radio automatically.

These may be changed by the user, if you wish to assign quick access to another function. Page Dcs Code Inversion 3. When you have made your selection, press and hold the [ MHz SET ] key for one sec- ond to save the new setting and exit to normal operation. This can be particularly useful when configuring a number of transceivers for a public service opera- tion.

It may be used for configuration of a wide variety of transceiver parameters, some of which have not been detailed previously. Use the following procedure to activate the Set Menu mode: 1.

Page 78 The beeper sounds when you press any key. OFF: Beeper is disabled. Page 81 Function: Selects the method of selection of channels for Memory Storage. See page 27 for details. Page 84 31 channels are not filled after the first sweep, the radio continues sweeping until they are all filled. Available Values: 0. Available Values: NOR. Page 89 1. This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules.

Operation is subject to the following two conditions; 1 this device may not cause harmful interference, and 2 this device must accept any interference including interference that may cause undesired operation. Printed in Japan. Print page 1 Print document 90 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


Yaesu FT-2900R / FT-2980R Mini-Manual



Yaesu FT-2900R Operating Manual



Yaesu FT-2900R (FT 2900 R FT2900R) user and service manual, modifications


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