Manual zz. For this reason, the magnifier does not come preassembled to the mount. It is user configurable based on the specific model HWS it will be mounted behind. The 7mm riser, included, may be required to align the magnifier optical axis with the sight. Only HWS models , , , , and require the use of the riser. For all other HWS models, the riser should not be used.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. For use with G33 Magnifiers. These magnifiers offer users of the Holographic. Weapon Sight all models the additional advantage of vastly. This user manual describes the features of the. Please read the instructions. Always practice proper firearm safety. Department of Commerce. Sealing: Fog-resistant internal optics. Retrofits to all HWS models with 7mm riser.

The magni-. Simply switch the magnifier out of the way and operate the. Positioning the Reticle:. Once the magnifier is installed properly behind the HWS, it may be necessary to re-zero the sight.

This may. Re-zeroing the sight will prevent a perceived shift in POI when going from no magnification to. Optical Axis Adjustment: Internal adjustment. Switch Orientation: Ambidextrous mount Flip Orientation to.

Magnifier Interface: User configurable height with quick. For this reason, the mag-. It is user configurable based on the specific model. HWS it will be mounted behind. The 7mm riser,. Only HWS models with. For all other HWS models, the riser should. The magnifier system can be configured to switch to the left or to the right based on shooting preference. Typically, right handed shooters prefer the mount to switch to the left, and left handed shooters to the right.

To configure your HWS you will need a screwdriver not included. If the spacer is not used, the shorter. The longer screws are used with the spacer only. If the spacer is being used, place. Open the STS mount. Position the mount on the optic mount. Insert each screw through the.

The G33 optic includes an adjustable diopter that allows the user to customize. This feature ensures a crisp, clean aiming. To adjust, simply grasp the diopter. After zeroing or re-zeroing the sight, it may be necessary to reposition the reticle image into the center of the. This is aesthetic in nature and has no affect on the sight's zero.

Turn the horizontal and. To close. Table of Contents. Department of Commerce Page 2 TECH, either repair or replace your product with a comparable product for the first five 5 years. Print page 1 Print document 2 pages. Cancel Delete.

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EOTech Holographic Hybrid Sight I EXPS3-4 with G33.STS Magnifier User Manual – Download



EOTech G33 User Manual


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