All airlines and their contact information can be found here. Many airlines work together as an alliance to efficiently expand the route network worldwide. The customer does not have to buy multiple tickets, because within an alliance there are unified rules for luggage regulations, tariff regulations, service and route management. Within an alliance, there are so-called codeshare flights that allow flights to be operated by another airline but fly under the name of the originally booked airline.

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All airlines and their contact information can be found here. Many airlines work together as an alliance to efficiently expand the route network worldwide. The customer does not have to buy multiple tickets, because within an alliance there are unified rules for luggage regulations, tariff regulations, service and route management. Within an alliance, there are so-called codeshare flights that allow flights to be operated by another airline but fly under the name of the originally booked airline.

These alliances also have the advantage of allowing customers to join a frequent flyer program and earn miles with all members of the alliance which can be redeemed for flights or rewards. The air traffic tax concerns airlines operating from Germany and is usually paid by the passenger. This tax is not listed separately but included in the total of all taxes and fees.

The departure and return flight are both taxed for domestic flights. International flights will be taxed only once. This tax is determined by distance. Please note that an accompanying person is necessary in the following cases:. Therefore, we recommend a personal consultation by our travel consultants in which the nature of your disability and the appropriate arrangements can be discussed.

Due to the political situation and the threat of terror, extended security checks have been introduced at most airports in the EU. Arrange enough time! Passengers can be randomly checked carry-on luggage, traces of explosives, etc. Entry immigration officials and security officers work with the airlines to try to minimize the impact on comfort for passengers. Is there enough time to reach my connecting flight? Minimum Connecting Time MCT : The connecting times are set by the airlines depending on the size and layout of the airport.

They vary between 30 minutes and 2 hours and are automatically calculated for online bookings. What to do if my feeder flight is delayed? If the minimum connecting time cannot be kept and the passenger misses his connecting flight, due to a delayed feeder flight, the airline must rebook free of charge, provided that all flight segments belong to one ticket.

If the tickets are purchased separately and the connecting flights are missed, the passenger is not entitled to free rebooking. Is a stop on my trip possible? A stopover is an intended stop of at least 24 hours on the itinerary. All shorter stays between connecting flights are called Transit or Transfer.

You can schedule a stopover when booking, your ABC Travel Service travel consultant will be happy to help. Tips: If you do not have a transit visa for the destination country, you should stay in the designated transit area and follow the instructions. Find out if you are required to have a visa. Each traveler is examined by immigration CBP. For some EU citizens China, Russia it is possible under certain conditions to leave the airport area for up to 72 hours without a visa and, for example, take a sightseeing tour.

An application must be filled out at check-in. Closing times also apply to the baggage claim. To be able to check your baggage, you must be in possession of a boarding pass. You can complete your check-in online, mobile or use a check-in machine to get your boarding pass.

Depending on the departure airport, destination and flight class, closing times may vary. Depending on the airline, you can also check your baggage when checking in online at least 48 hours before departure and save valuable time. If you have checked your baggage online and have printed out your boarding pass, you can simply put your baggage in the baggage machine.

You must have registered excess or special baggage ahead up to 24 hours before the flight. Please inform yourself about the baggage regulations of your airline. The baggage regulations can vary depending on airline and booked rate. To avoid overweight costs, we recommend taking a small luggage scale on your trip.

Depending on the airline, the usual maximum size is 55 x 40 x 20 cm and a maximum weight is 5 to 10 kg. If you exceed the free baggage allowance, it may result in high additional costs. Therefore we recommended to book an extra piece of luggage in advance. Special baggage such as sports equipment golf equipment, bicycles, surfing equipment, skis, diving equipment, etc. In order to avoid any danger on flights, it is forbidden to carry certain items.

The affected passenger receives a letter about the luggage opening and the removal of an item. The higher-value items can be picked up at the customs baggage collection warehouse or at the lost property office, depending on the departure location of the passenger. Find out which items in your baggage are allowed or prohibited. Customs regulations apply depending on the country of departure and destination.

Restrictions such as import bans or tax regulations may apply. Find out here about customs regulations. Our Services: We support your business through expert consultation, our lean workflow and tax knowledge, while taking your internal guidelines to account. We can offer you the following services:. Are you interested in a cooperation? Please contact internet abctravel. Depending on the airline, fare and route, the allowed amount of free baggage varies.

Please check the airline's website for rules on baggage allowance. Usually one piece of luggage 23 kg is included on flights to the US. In general, one piece of carry-on baggage is permitted. It has to be put underneath the seat or the overhead compartment. Each airline has different specifications of dimensions and weight. If you need excess luggage, it must be requested and reserved in advance. All airlines have their own system for calculating the cost for excess baggage. Efficient air safety standards in Europe are one of the highest in the world.

While the European Union and its Member States are working with other authorities of other countries to improve safety standards worldwide, there are still some airlines operating under conditions below the required level of safety.

It is possible to use online check-in for many airlines, in which the boarding pass is created electronically and must be printed out. Online check-in helps to avoid long queues. Further information Check-in and luggage. Behind the so-called booking or reservation is the PNR Passenger Name Record in which all data of the flight booking is stored. This following data is stored under a 6-digit booking code:.

Airplanes from scheduled airlines are divided into three cabin classes: Economy Class, Business Class and First Class. Each individual cabin class is divided into several booking classes, e. Economy Class has up to 20 booking classes. Each booking class has its own price, rate conditions and is only available in a limited amount. As a rule, the quotas of the cheapest tickets are sold the fastest.

Therefore if you buy a flight close to the departure date, the prices will be higher. The Premium Economy class is not a separate cabin class. It is an intermediate category in which the conditions of economy class apply, but the customer can enjoy seats with more legroom. Many low-cost carriers and charter airlines, have a simple rate structure in which there is only the economy class.

As a result, discounted prices are possible, but there is a lower quality of service than for scheduled airlines. Rebooking your flight will incur costs consisting of a fixed fee, our service fee and, if applicable, an extra charge for the booking class not being available on the requested date.

Since the ticket is personal, it cannot be transferred to another person. If the passenger cannot fly on the booked date, it must be rebooked or even canceled altogether. If the customer mispells their name during booking, it may be changed against a fee. If the ticket is canceled before the departure flight, airport taxes and fees may be refunded.

If you do not want to use the return flight within a ticket , it will automatically expire. A refund is not possible. If you do not use one flight segment of your ticket, all subsequent segments will expire including the return flight. All routes must be flown in the correct order as they were booked. If you have a connecting flight, a stopover takes place, in which the aircraft is changed for the onward flight.

This will change the flight number. This "change" can result in the baggage having to be picked up and checked in again. It is only possible to change or cancel the ticket, if the rate allows it. There are different rules for each rate regarding the validity, deadlines, rebooking and cancellation. As soon as the ticket is issued, a cancellation is only possible against a fee. The time of departure is insignificant concerning cancellation costs.

Usually, the taxes and fees can be refunded, however, the airline keeps the fuel surcharge. This means only a small amount will be left to be refunded.


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