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Os trabalhos de Valentin et al. O trabalho original de Campbell et al. Estudo de Chan et al. Campbell et al. Esses achados foram semelhantes aos obtidos por Thaler et al. Thaler et al. Kurdi et al. Arduini et al. Resultados similares foram descritos por Bewley et al. Montenegro et al. Estudo recente de Coleman et al. Study of the metabolic clearance rate of dehydroisoandrosterone sulfate in pregnancy.

Blood flow in the intervillous space and fetal blood flow. Normal values in human pregnancies at term. Measurement of uterine blood flow and uterine metabolism. Uterine and fetal blood flow and oxygen consumption in early human pregnancy. Satomura S. Study of the flow patterns in peripheral arteries by ultrasonics.

Non-invasive measurement of human fetal circulation using ultrasound: a new method. Trophoblastic invasion of human decidua from weeks of pregnancy. Transvaginal color Doppler assessment of uteroplacental circulation in normal and abnormal early pregnancy.

Uteroplacental and luteal circulation in normal first-trimester pregnancies: Doppler ultrasonographic and morphologic study. A study of placental bed spiral arteries and trophoblast invasion in normal and severe pre-eclamptic pregnancies.

A high uterine artery pulsatility index reflects a defective development of placental bed spiral arteries in pregnancies complicated by hypertension and fetal growth retardation. New Doppler technique for assessing uteroplacental blood flow. Uterine artery Doppler velocimetry in pregnant women with hypertension. Silva CL. Tese de Mestrado. Matheus M, Sala MA. Crescimento intra-uterino. Duggan P, McCowan L. Normal ranges for Doppler flow velocity waveforms from maternal uterine and fetal umbilical arteries.

Mid-trimester uterine artery Doppler screening as a predictor of adverse pregnancy outcome in high-risk women. The role of color Doppler imaging of the uterine arteries at 20 weeks' gestation in stratifying antenatal care. Reference values for resistance index and pulsatility index of uteroplacental Doppler flow velocity waveforms based on uneventful pregnancies.

A comparison of Doppler ultrasound waveform indices in the umbilical artery. I: Indices derived from the maximum velocity waveform. Doppler ultrasonography of the umbilical cord in normal pregnancy. Changes in uterine blood flow during human pregnancy. The assessment of normal early pregnancy by transvaginal color Doppler ultrasonography. Longitudinal evaluation of uteroplacental and umbilical blood flow changes in normal early pregnancy. Doppler ultrasound of the uterine arteries: the importance of bilateral notching in the prediction of pre-eclampsia, placental abruption or delivery of a small-for-gestational-age baby.

Utero-placental blood flow-velocity waveforms as predictors of pregnancy-induced hypertension. Doppler investigation of uteroplacental blood flow resistance in the second trimester: a screening study for pre-eclampsia and intrauterine growth retardation. Qualitative assessment of uteroplacental blood flow: early screening test for high risk pregnancies. Improved prediction of preeclampsia by two-stage screening of uterine arteries using the early diastolic notch and color Doppler imaging.

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Retardo del crecimiento intrauterino (RCIU)

Os trabalhos de Valentin et al. O trabalho original de Campbell et al. Estudo de Chan et al. Campbell et al.


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Se definen el concepto y la incidencia de acuerdo al consenso internacional. Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Arias F. Practical guide lo high risk pregnancy and delivery. Mosby Year Book, Second edition.

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