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Human sexuality is complex and, of course, very varied. Sexual attraction depends on a multitude of biochemical and psychological factors, which are very different from one person to another. In particular, human sexuality depends on various factors, such as biology, individual personality, sexual identity, or childhood interactions, affections and life circumstances.

Trying to limit human sexuality to mere biology is not enough to understand and explain it, and a broader framework is needed. In fact, early communication and social learning play a dominant role in determining sexual behaviour. In addition, inadequate regulation of sex hormones reduces or increases the intensity of sexual desire; but if the levels are adequate, fluctuations in sexual desire depend much more on psychosocial stimuli.

Given its variability, what defines a healthy sexuality is sometimes difficult to establish. However, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM-5 gives us some clues to determine what is considered a healthy sexual behavior and, on the contrary, what is considered pathological.

In any case, sexual behaviors, as long as they do not cause harm to the individual or third parties themselves, and as long as they do not constitute an impediment to the healthy development of the rest of life, should not pose a problem, or generate fear or discomfort.

In fact, it is healthy and stimulating to experience them with health and freedom. People with this type of sexual paraphilia enjoy 'transforming' into adult babies.

They dress and act like them, and require the same care. The couples of these people usually perform massages and masturbations, as well as other care, such as applying talcum powder or even changing their diapers. Sexual excitement caused by flowers. It has a lot to do with dendrophilia, which we will see later. Curiously, the excitement is caused by the intervention of medical syringes, which often provoke, precisely, terror and rejection.

It is the preference for palabas and sexual and exciting conversation. This, like most, can be combined with a healthy sexuality, as long as it does not limit other acts. Sexual excitement that occurs when you are inside a vehicle, and when you perform sexual acts inside it. This, one of the most curious, refers to the excitement produced by the communication of good news.

It is the sexual excitement produced by plants or vegetables, or by being in a vegetative environment. Objects linked to a particular religion or religious rites are objects of desire of persons with hierophilia. This type of paraphilia is particularly dangerous, given the obvious fact that it can lead to the commission of illegal acts.

Any technical object can be the object of desire of a person with mechanophilia. It is more frequent to occur towards vehicles, towards which some individuals develop even an emotional bond. Mysophilia is the excitement produced by used clothing or dirty tissues, especially undergarments.

People with normophilia can only enjoy sex through certain normative practices, which are considered accepted by their community, and are unable to explore others. This exploration generates fear or anxiety, hence the consideration of paraphilia. It is the sexual excitement produced by the vision of the sexual partner being splashed, smeared or wet by certain liquids.

This includes other practices such as bukkake. Here, sexual excitement comes from the sight or touch of stuffed toys. The sense of touch is especially important in this type of sexual paraphilia. Long hair and well-groomed hair are the object of desire for people with this type of paraphilia. In fact, there are already sex robots capable of performing up to 50 automatic positions; others even have conversational skills. According to Professor Neil Mccarthur, director of the Center for Professional and Applied Ethics at the University of Manitoba, Canada: "Many people will find that their experiences with this technology integrate perfectly with their sexual identity, and some will prefer that they direct their sexual interactions.

It is thus called the art of erotic ties made all over the body or only in some parts, with ropes, handcuffs, handkerchiefs, chains, etc. What is sought with bondage is to free oneself from inhibitions, by delegating responsibility to another, and experience different sensations. Whatsapp: how to tell if your mobile has spyware installed on it. How is a Tsunami formed? The most terrifying spiders on the planet.

Laura Marcos. Adapted by Mane Grigoryan. See 27 photos. Sexual excitement that occurs when you are in high places, or flying, like in an airplane. In this type of sexual paraphilia, the object of desire is high-heeled shoes. People with this type of paraphilia get excited when they undress in front of doctors.

Microphilia is the preference for microphones as an object of sexual desire. Sexual excitement produced by the presence or vision of the number eight. Sexual attraction and excitement for women who breast-feed, or breast-feeding. It applies to people whose sexual appetite is satisfied only by technology.

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Diccionario de Filias y Parafilias



Diccionario De Filias Y Parafilias



Dictionary of Sexual Paraphilias


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