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Ecuador - Employment policy, promotion of employment and employment services - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance. Adoption : ECUR Ecuador - Employment policy, promotion of employment and employment services - Miscellaneous circular, directive, legal notice, instruction, etc. Adoption : ECUM Ecuador - Employment policy, promotion of employment and employment services - Law, Act.

Adoption : ECUL Egypt - Employment policy, promotion of employment and employment services - Law, Act. Law No. The minimum pension for the insured or eligible pension in accordance with the Law No. This Law amends Article 25 paragraph 2 of Law No. Part I: General Provisions. Egypt - Employment policy, promotion of employment and employment services - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance. Decree No. Adoption : EGYR Establishes a Commission on employment in the informal sector charged with studying and formulating policy on workers in the informal sector.

Provides for the registration of workers in the informal sector and the issuance of registration cards. Forbids employers to hire workers in the informal sector through non-authorized employment services. The Minister of Employment and Migration may authorize associations, institutions and trade union organizations to create employment services for their members which may serve as recruitment agencies for informal sector workers, under conditions set out in the Labour Code and in the present Decree.

Provides that the executive committee of the Higher Council for Development of Human Resources is concerned, inter alia, with following up policies, plans and projects approved by the Higher Council; proposing an annual budget for the Higher Council; and preparing field reports, studies and reports.

Sets forth the structure of the committee and provides that it shall be concerned with drawing general policy for employing Egyptian labour within Egypt or abroad and setting systems, rules, and procedures necessary for employment.

Also deals with certain administrative issues. Establishes the activities to be carried out by the Egyptian Institution for the Development of Social Services: social services; economic services; development of local societies; protection of the environment; health activities; protection of the disabled; environmental services.

The Decree is based on Law No. This Order repeals Order No. These projects are in line with the Ministry's social objectives which aim at developing employment within the environmental and domestic industries, as a contribution to the overall economic development. Order of the Ministry of Social Affairs No. Rehabilitation certificate issued by the competent authorities shall be valid for an unlimited period of time for disabled persons holding higher or intermediate educational degrees, except in cases where the health condition changes and therefore requires a change in the description of the disability noted in the rehabilitation certificate.

Ministry of Manpower and Employment Order No. Order No. Provides for recruitment agency licensing requirements, recruitment procedures, etc. Provides for the adoption of regulations on the implementation of family-based production projects. Repeals Ministerial Order No. Provides for a six-month extension of the validity of the rehabilitation certificates issued by the Rehabilitation Committee for access to the jobs mentioned in the said certificates.

Amends Article 1 of Ministerial Order No. Ministerial Order No. The Order defines these institutions as to the type of mental disability, the services provided and the permitted age for disabled persons to be in such institutions. Provides, inter alia, that registers must be kept in the private and public sectors for the registration and recruitment of disabled persons who have undergone vocational training. Establishes requirements for the hiring of workers through labour offices.

Sets out procedures for labour offices' nomination of workers for specific jobs. Establishes information to be contained on manpower inscription certificates to be used by the Labour Office in nominating workers for vacant posts. El Salvador - Employment policy, promotion of employment and employment services - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance.

El Salvador - Employment policy, promotion of employment and employment services - Law, Act. Adoption : SLVR Adoption : SLVL Equatorial Guinea - Employment policy, promotion of employment and employment services - Law, Act. Estonia - Employment policy, promotion of employment and employment services - Law, Act. RT I, Paragraph 1: Object of taxation Paragraph 2: Payer of tax Paragraph 3: Period of taxation Paragraph 4: Rate of taxation Paragraph 5: Entry into and termination of business account opening contract Paragraph 6: Payment of business income tax Paragraph 7: Registration of taxpayer in employment register Paragraph 8: Receipt of business income tax Paragraph 9: Payment of benefits for social protection from business income tax and bases for calculation of amounts of benefits.

Paragraphs amend, inter alia, the Law "On Funded Pensions" supplements Paragraph 7 with new sub-paragraph , the law "On Social Tax" supplements Paragraph 2 Object of taxation with new sub-paragraph 9, also making wording changes in the same paragraph , the law "On Income Tax" inter alia, adds sub-paragraph 5 to Paragraph 1 Object of taxation , makes wording changes in Paragraph 23 Basic exemption , adds sub-paragraph 13 to Paragraph 34 Expenses not deductible from business income , the Law "On Labor Market Services and Benefits" makes wording changes in Paragraph 6 Registration as unemployed or as job-seeker , Paragraph 26 Right to receive unemployment benefit , the law "On Unemployment Insurance" supplements Paragraph 3 Insured person and insurer with new part 6 , the law "On Work Ability Allowance" wording changes in Paragraph 12 Right to receive work ability allowance , Paragraph 13 Amount of work ability allowance.

In the Law "On Work Ability Allowance", makes wording changes in para 13 of sub-paragraph 1 of Paragraph 13 Right to receive work ability allowance , also supplementing the same paragraph with new sub-paragraph 3. Introduces new Paragraph Rephrases sub-paragraph 7 of Paragraph 27 Transitional provisions supplementing it with new sub-paragraphs 7. Also amends Law "On Health Insurance": in particular, changes the wording of sub-paragraphs 3, 4 of Paragraph Also amends Law "On Labour Market and Benefits Act": in particular, rephrases sub-paragraph 6 of Paragraph 33 Premature termination of payment of unemployment allowance.

Declares part 4 of sub-paragraph 5 of Paragraph 6 Registration as unemployed or as job-seeker of the "Labor Market Services and Benefits" act and part 1 of sub-paragraph 1 of Paragraph 6 Right to receive unemployment insurance benefit of Law "On Unemployment Insurance" to be in conflict with the Constitution and repeals the mentioned clauses to the extent that they exclude the payment of unemployment insurance benefits to insured persons specified in subsection 3 1 of the "Unemployment Insurance" act, who would have the right to receive unemployment insurance benefits pursuant to Paragraph 6 of the same act, solely on the basis that the person is a member of the management board of a company, a procurator, a partner authorised to represent a general or limited partnership, the director of a branch of a foreign company or manager of another permanent establishment of a non-resident.

In the Law on Income Tax, repeals sub-paragraphs 2 , 3 of paragraph 17 Interest ; makes wording changes in part 4 of sub-paragraph 2 of paragraph Also makes changes in paragraph Repeals paragraphs Also makes changes, inter alia, in paragraphs Makes minor wording changes in paragraphs 41, 42, 44, Supplements the Law on Income Tax, inter alia, with new paragraph In the Law on Social Tax, makes wording changes in paragraphs 3 Amounts on which social tax is not imposed , 7 Tax rate.

Makes changes in paragraph Introduces wording changes into paragraph 1 Objective of Act ; sub-paragraphs 1 , 2 , 2. Changes the wording of paragraphs 6 Implementing authority and cooperation , 7 Dispute Resolution , 7. Repeals paragraph 9 Procedure for challenging precept. Adds new paragraphs 9. Also amends the Law on Employment Contracts, namely rephrases the title of Chapter 6, which now reads: "Dispute settlement and national, administrative supervision", paragraph National and administrative supervision.

Also makes wording changes into paragraph 37 Payment of transport and accommodation benefits, and rate of benefits of the Law on Labour Market Services and Benefits. Makes, inter alia, wording changes in para 2 of article 1 Purpose and scope of application of Act also supplementing it with new para 21 ; introduces new wording to the title of Chapter 41 which now reads: "Annual Refunds To Low-Paid Employees", article , para 3 of article , para 4 of article , para 4 of , para 2 of , articles , ; adds new article Implementation of Chapter 41 of this Act.

Amends Individual Labour Dispute Resolution Act rephrasing section 91 Processing of information concerning labour disputes in labour dispute committees ; also amends, inter alia, Occupational Health and Safety Act making wording changes into sub-paragraphs 17 , 19 of para 1 of section 13 Obligations and rights of employer , para 10 of section 16 Working environment specialist ; further, supplements the Act with new section Safe working life database , rephrases para 4 of section 17 Working environment representative , paras, 11 , 51 of section 18 Working environment council , para 3 of section 22 Occupational accident also supplementing it with new para 31 , para 2 of section 24 Investigation and registration of occupational accident and occupational disease ; also supplementing the Act with section Working environment database.

Amending, inter alia, the Social Welfare Act, introduces changes to sections 10 Social services , Rehabilitation service , Person entitled to receive rehabilitation service provided by state , Grant of authority to perform provision of rehabilitation services , Contract under public law granting authorization to perform provision of rehabilitation services , Application for rehabilitation service also adding para 8 to it; adds paras 11 , 12 , 4 to section Waiting list for provision of rehabilitation services ; adds paras 1 , 8 to section Preparation of rehabilitation plan , rephrases section Waiting lists for special care services repealing paras 3 , 31 , 4.

Also, introduces new section Prohibited objects and substances upon staying in social welfare institution ; repeals section 20; makes minor wording changes in sections , , , , , , , , , , , 11 48, 11 51, , 17, 18, 24, , 26, Establishes the scope of application of this law, general concepts, restriction on working with the youth Chapter I ; regulates organization of youth work including functions of the Ministry of Education and Research, of local governors, youth councils, operation of project camps, state supervision over youth camp activities Chapter II ; financing of youth work including state budget financing and grants Chapter III ; liability Chapter IV ; implementing provisions.

Repeals the previous law of 17 February "On Youth Work". Act of 14 June on social protection of the unemployed consolidation. Regulates the registration of persons as unemployed and the payment of State unemployment benefits, single benefits and stipends through employment offices.

Employment Service Act of 14 June Regulates the provision of employment services to persons who seek employment and to employers. Deals with types of employment service, right to use employment services, payment for employment services, employment services activity licence, employment training, and subsidies to employers. Act of 27 January on social benefits for disabled persons consolidation.

Determines the classes of social benefits for disabled persons, the conditions of entitlement, and the procedure for their grant and payment. Mental Health Act of 12 February Regulates the procedure and conditions for provision of psychiatric care and the relationships with health care institutions.

Provides for the duties of the State and local governments in the organization of psychiatric care, and the rights of persons in receiving psychiatric care. Estonia - Employment policy, promotion of employment and employment services - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance. Text No.

The Ministries of Education and Social Matters create the possibility for the disabled to choose their profession and vocational education, with the cooperation of State employment services and other services in charge of vocational guidance.

Estonia - Employment policy, promotion of employment and employment services - Miscellaneous circular, directive, legal notice, instruction, etc. Government Decree No. Adoption : ESTR Provides, inter alia, for conditions of eligibility to unemployment benefit, organization of training employment relationship and granting of fellowships to the unemployed. Act of 26 October on social protection of the unemployed.

Defines "unemployed person", "suitable work", "search for work", and "employment mediation". Provides for procedures to register unemployed persons, employment services information on vacancies and possibilities for training and upgrading , and unemployment benefits.

Decision of the government to create a network of State employment services. This network will be placed under the supervision of the Ministry for Social Affairs. Eswatini - Employment policy, promotion of employment and employment services - Law, Act. Employment Amendment Act








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