The management of the impression which person can perform was recognized over time as a vital aspect regarding the look of the romantic attraction, the occupational and organizational success, the accomplishment of the desired identity, the establishment of interpersonal relationships as well as other desirable results. Although there has been a growing interest in research during the s, s, the concept of impression management has remained a relatively peripheral subject concerning social psychology or personality psychology, this is leading some researchers to the idea according to which the impression management is rather a model for guidance in other researches, then a theory related to the interpersonal behavior. In the specialized literature there are a lot of variables that influence the management of impression, but there are only two of these variables that are representative for a careful analysis of the process. These variables refer to the two distinct processes, represented by "impression motivation" and "impression construction". People are used to monitor their impact on others, trying to model the impressions which others have or form about them.

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Comunicarea nonverbala: Studiu

Cites per any. Cites duplicades. Cites combinades. Penja un fitxer PDF. PDF Restaura Suprimeix definitivament. Seguiu aquest autor.


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