For the longest time the major misconception about Controller Area Network CAN was that it is merely used in automobiles. The truth is, CAN, since its introduction in , proved to be a robust, simple and versatile technology and, consequently, CAN found its way into all areas of applications where microprocessors need to communicate among each other. CAN proved to be superior to any other field-bus system in regards to low cost, the ability to function in a difficult electrical environment, a high degree of real time capability, excellent error detection and fault confinement capabilities and, almost contradictive to the previously mentioned features, ease of use. Nowadays there is no special niche for CAN; its use is universal from any industrial application, space and aviation, maritime, medical, down to household appliances such as washers, dryers and even coffee machines.

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SAE J has become the accepted industry standard and the vehicle network technology of choice for off-highway machines in applications such as construction, material handling, and forestry machines. It provides serial data communications between microprocessor systems also called Electronic Control Units - ECU in any kind of heavy duty vehicles.

The messages exchanged between these units can be data such as vehicle road speed, torque control message from the transmission to the engine, oil temperature, and many more. It provides profound information on the J message format and network management combined with a high level of readability. This book is an attempt to create an enjoyable and readable J reference for everybody.

The information provided in this book is, besides the SAE J Standards Collection, based on publicly available information such as, but not limited to web sites and printed literature as well as contributions by engineers familiar with Controller Area Network and the J protocol. The information in this book, while based on the J standard, is not a reproduction of any copyrighted SAE document.

These data references are not part of this book. The mere intention was to explain the standard in the sense of being a comprehensible guide. Introduction to J Overview — Controller Area Network and J 2. The J Standards Collection 3.

J Message Format 4. J Network Management 5. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer.

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A Comprehensible Guide To Controller Area Network



A Comprehensible Guide to J1939


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