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Sit 'n go poker tournaments are one table events starting with nine or ten players that usually pay the top three places. They have become very popular on the Internet and are now being spread in brick and mortar cardrooms as well. But they are not standard no-limit poker tournaments since the required strategy to be successful is different, and those who understand the proper approach have found these events to be highly profitable.

This text, written by sit 'n go expert Collin Moshman , is the first poker strategy book devoted exclusively to these tournaments. Through extensive hand examples and accompanying theory you will learn to:. For more books, visit our section of books. The review is in English and the book too, but for those who play Sit and Gos and are starting I recommend them. The text progresses in a linear fashion through the basic stages of SNG play, with a couple of flanking chapters that address meta-game issues.

Chapters are separated generally by concept, and each chapter has a substructure of concept description followed by concept illustration through a series of quizzes. Moshman is a very successful SNG player with a brutal amount of game experience and a serious amount of instructional experience as well , and he's built a great guide to fundamental SNG play. While it's not always the most elegant style from an aesthetic standpoint, the format and layout of the book definitely promotes comprehension and retention.

This book is also a great alternative to the dozens of 'SNG Systems' you'll see floating around the internet. Most cost more and provide a fraction of the insight Moshman offers.

Cons of Collin Moshman Sit 'n Go Strategy A lot of the material Moshman presents is readily available from other sources although not in any one place as a complete resource.

A short book doesn't have to be lacking by definition, but it did feel like Moshman left some things undercovered. There's very little discussion of adjustments to make for multi-table SNGs which, to be fair, isn't the purview of the book in the strictest sense , and you also don't get much in the way of specific line analysis or tactics for advanced play.

Experienced players may already be familiar with the majority of the book, but can still benefit from the refresher course. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email and website in this browser for the next time you comment. Through extensive hand examples and accompanying theory you will learn to: Master expected value, tournament equity, and fundamental poker concepts, Distinguish between earning chips and earning money, Develop an ultra-aggressive late game strategy to steal all the chips when the blinds are high and your opponents are tightening their play, Play multiple tables, incorporate tracking software, and seize online-only edges, Exploit recreational players in your table selection and game-play strategy, and Maximize your sit 'n go profits by treating each game as a business investment.

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Collin Moshman Sit 'n Go Strategy


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