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Tony M. Caballeros Templarios Coat of Arms. Freemason Symbols. The development of the Knights Templar Cartel brought together criminal and violent behaviors of a transnational criminal organization and cultural elements of a fraternal society. Elements including artifacts, customs, rituals and sacred texts echoed facets of many contemporary fraternal organizations.

Likewise, some groups and individuals who publicly opposed the Knights Templar also embraced similar facets of a fraternal brotherhood. There are strands of fraternal culture that are weaved throughout the saga of the Knights Templar Cartel. The publication was written for members of a specific branch of Freemasonry known as the York Rite. The writer of the report was concerned that members of this degree might be mistaken for members of the deadly drug cartel.

He shared:. As in the case of a Masonic brother of mine discussing with me that his relatives had said that masons were burning down churches in Mexico. This confusion may be compounded when looking at the similarities between the Knights Templar Cartel and the history and culture of Freemasonry. The Knights Templar Cartel attempts to appropriate aesthetics and customs that the group believes to have been present among the historical order of the Knights Templar.

This group of warrior monks that were charged with protecting pilgrims travelling to Jerusalem utilized a number of customs including the use of codes, oaths and passwords that are seen in contemporary Freemasonry. Some Masonic scholars believe that modern day Freemasonry can be traced back to the original Knights Templar.

There are degrees associated with the two primary appendant branches of Freemasonry known as the York and Scottish Rites that focus on the Knights Templar. Several components of the cartel oaths that are taken by members have similarities to Masonic oaths and obligations. Similar themes are found in Freemasonry.

The material culture of the cartel is similar to that found among Masonic York Rite Templars. Similar emblems, robes, swords and banners can be found among both organizations. Fraternal culture could be seen not only in the work of the Templars Cartel but also in the culture of self-defense groups that sought to protect communities from the cartel. Mireles publicly spoke out against the Templars sharing that he had been kidnapped, assaulted and had lost family as a result of Templar violence.

Mireles became the face of Templar opposition as he led a highly publicized campaign with a citizen militia. Dressed in Masonic Scottish Rite Regalia. In another scene the camera pans across a table where Mireles is meeting with village elders and clearly shows a Masonic book with the square and compass on the cover. Mireles was also seen in a interview wearing a shirt adorned with the same Masonic symbol. As the war with the Templars continued more evidence of fraternal involvement would come to the surface.

Following the capture of Mireles by the Mexican government in the announcement of his arrest was announced in a local Masonic lodge. Mireles began to call upon members of Masonic orders during press interviews. In an interview with The Truth newspaper in July of Mireles boldly speaks of tools, rituals and philosophies found in Freemasonry. Mireles stated:. They make us common principles and deep values, those Masonic convictions and ideals that bring humanity closer to its most sacred expression.

You, like me, equally stick to justice, equality, democracy and responsible freedom, as in the individual we fight against the vices and passions that hit our human nature. We are heirs of the Pleiad of Freemasons who have forged a better homeland in the different corners of the world where the lodges have given birth to a new brother. As repositories of greatness that exalt the human spirit, when the homeland and society demand it, we are tacitly obliged to act beyond our means. It is not an option.

Rather an obligatory act of congruence of whoever says Mason and is recognized as such by his brothers. As an act of dignity we have to transcend ourselves. Impossible to continue with this stupid inertia that throws more poor, that spills more blood and that sows of nightmares born with blood, death and injustice our soil.

We definitely cannot continue like this. I do not know about you, but I want to live the dream of the free man. My call is to leave that unimportant masonry of four walls. I invite you to fight together for justice and dignified peace, to give the best that we as Freemasons have to move forward our state and, with it, our families. I ask you to arm yourself but of value and that if you wield weapons these are the plumb line, the level, the chisel, the marro, the square and the compass so that under the shelter of the Masonic congruence we walk together.

Our mission now is to grind to shape the cubic stone that can serve as the basis for the raising of a better country. If you do this, be assured that we will meet in the fray for building a future, because the source of Masonic Light is only one.

Mireles references to weapons like the plumb line, level, chisel, marro hammer , square and compass are references to tools used by operative Masons in building but they are also important philosophical symbols in speculative Freemasonry.

Mireles makes several references to esoteric Masonic concepts used in communicating with fellow Masons. Masonic websites like Diario Masonico began to call for support from the Masonic brotherhood:. Lodges throughout Mexico began to call for the release of Mireles. During the message he speaks of regrets concerning civil disobedience and concludes with:.

What role did Freemasonry play in the formation and direction of the self-defense groups? As a Freemason Mireles would have been expected to be obedient to oaths and principles that focus on the protection of fellow Masons and their families in the community. Mireles did suffer a great loss when the cartels took the lives of his loved ones but did his fraternal motivation also encourage the formation of the defense groups? Did his fellow members of the organization also feel the need to answer a fraternal call to duty to assist Mireles in his crusade?

While Mireles and the self-defense groups discovered courage, strength and wisdom from Masonic inspiration, members of Los Caballeros Templarios found fraternal culture as inspiration to promote drug trafficking and violence. Ironically the same week that stories about the Templarios made international news in July , the Knights Templar theme was also being mentioned amidst several acts of violence on the other side of the world.

Templar aesthetics and lore were appropriated by Norwegian mass shooter Anders Behring Brevik as motivation for his killing spree that claimed the lives of over 70 victims.

Brevik had been expelled from a Norwegian Masonic fraternity where he learned about the Templars. The killer featured Templar references and images in his 1, page written and video manifestos that he posted to the Internet. I doubt anyone thinks these two groups are linked.

Yet, it raises the question of what makes violent ideologies and criminals search the past for inspiration? And what makes two groups so far apart find that inspiration in the Knights Templar? The role that fraternal societies played in the life and times of the Knights Templar Cartel provided structure, identity and power to members and to their rivals. However, the fraternal brotherhood that is embraced by members of those opposing the cartel encouraged positive responses to very negative work being performed by a renegade cult that used fraternal customs.

Cartel Land , Directed by Matthew Heineman. Feral House, Mireles is Illegally Detained. Kail has served as a trainer and subject matter consultant in the area of esoteric religions and security threat groups since Kail has conducted ethnographic fieldwork among a number of esoteric religious communities throughout the United States and Africa.

As a former law enforcement officer, Kail has provided training for state and federal agencies, including the U. Army, U. Kail holds a university degree in cultural anthropology as well as a seminary degree in African Religious studies.

His books appear on the FBI suggested readings list on Mexican narco-cults. Categories: El Centro.


Knights Templar

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Sildenafil purchase, viagra on line order

After the first alleged death of Francisco Montes and co-founder Nazario Moreno , leaders of the La Familia Michoacana cartel, on 9 December , [9] a split between the cartel leaders emerged. The Knights Templar Cartel indoctrinates its operatives to "fight and die" for the cartel. A number of his associates were also arrested and many properties were also seized by the Mexican government. The Knights Templar Cartel will not partake in any warlike acts, we are not killers, welcome Pope. There were other similar banners that were allegedly signed by their rivals, the Jalisco New Generation Cartel.

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