Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to wishlist. This Bani is one of the five Banis recited by the initiated Sikh every morning.

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Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to wishlist. This Bani is one of the five Banis recited by the initiated Sikh every morning. It is also a part of evening prayer of the Sikhs called Rehras sahib. The Benti Chaupai can be read at any time during the day to provide protection, positive focus and energy.

New Features Added: 1. As user listen to audio paath, it will be saved automatically so that user can resume from where the paath stopped last time. Audio path will be paused when a phone call received and resumes when call finishes.

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Nitnem Paath. Nitnem Paath with audio facility Gurmukhi punjabi and hindi. Shri Hanuman Chalisa. Shri Hanuman Chalisa with audio facility hindi and english. Tav Prasad Savaiye Paath. Tav Prasad Savaiye Paath with audio facility in Gurmukhi punjabi and hindi. Sukhmani Sahib Paath. Sukhmani Sahib Paath with audio facility in Gurmukhi punjabi , hindi english.


> Sri Chaupai Sahib English Translation

Wash your hands and cover your head before studying the contents. Thus make my house-hold [mind], servants and followers [intellect and varied other organs]] rest in peace. Whatever boons I seek I should obtain from You. Liberate all my servants and followers [way of thinking], pick each and every one and destroy them, who are obstacles in my well being. You are the Savior of the weak and Destroyer of tyrants. O the Lord of fourteen worlds according to Puranic conception.


Chaupai (Sikhism)

Chaupai is the th Charitar of the Charitropakhyan of the Dasam Granth [1] and is a part of a Sikh 's Nitnem daily scripture reading. Chaupai Sahib begins after the Chittar where two massive battles, including the later between Maha Kal and the devils, is narrated and the struggle of a goddess that was born as a result of the first battle and her quest for the acceptance of the Supreme Being , by her abandoning all other worldly desires, is illustrated. Kabiyo Bach Benti Chaupai is normally referred to as Chaupai in short. This hymn offers one protection and security and many Sikhs recite this Bani to gain spiritual safety and defense from external and internal enemies, worries and afflictions.

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