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Services on Demand Journal. How to cite this article.


Portal de información de enfermedades raras y medicamentos huérfanos

Correspondencia a:. Introduction: Tenofovir TDF is an inhibitor of reverse transcriptase nucleotide analogue, although it has good tolerability and high anti-retroviral activity, its effect on the kidney has been a concern. Clinical case: We describe a HIVinfected girl, who after 18 months treatment with TDF presented loss of strength and pain of the lower extremities with functional impairment. Laboratory findings were consistent with Fanconi syndrome. Radiographs showed bilateral hip fracture and wrists.


Tabla 1. Read this article in English. DOI: Hydroelectrolytic disorders secondary to refeeding syndrome. Descargar PDF.


Early diagnosis and immediate treatment of hypophosphatemic rickets is of utmost importance as it may prevent subsequent sequelae. This report aims at warning pediatricians to consider the presence of the disease. Description of the metabolic profile, creatinine clearance, nutritional status, weight and body structure of a patient who presented the clinical-laboratorial characteristics of hypophosphatemic rickets and was followed in an outpatient clinic for tubulopathies over the period of 12 months. The patient had been bedridden for some time, was dependent on mechanical ventilation and presented an altered metabolic bone condition.

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