The secret is hidden in the term itself. That is the crucial point: to correctly identify the cause in order to correctly treat the pathology. This is far from obvious, and Jarvinen et al, 97 , have identified up to 72 different clinical entities, most of which concern muscular-tendon and osteo-articular disorders, but also infectious, vascular,or tumoral pathologies, bursitis, nerve entrapments, and others. All of this only confirms the fundamental importance of a correct diagnosis as an essential condition to plan a rational and effective treatment of the injury.

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Busquet - Catene muscolari v 2.pdf

Busquet L. Kapandji A. Anderson and Behm. Sports Medicine 35 1 , Can J Appl Physiol ; 30 1 Akuthota V, Nadler SF.


Le catene muscolari. Arti inferiori

Rachel F. Commemoration of a Shtetl as a Humanistic Crisis. Leopold Buczkowski —89 is considered one. Your Web browser is not enabled for JavaScript.


Le catene muscolari


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