All the functions and information such as OBD level diagnosis that Carman Scan II provided to the mechanics are updated and transferred to the Carman Scan Lite car diagnostic tool making it more professional and user-friendly OBD2 scanner. It can verify if any of the following such as engine, automatic transmission, ABS, air bag, power steering and other devices has an error. The Carman Scan Lite is also capable of viewing live data and uses actuator drive features. A car diagnostic tool with touch screen and additional lighting is a perfect garage equipment for any electro mechanic. Further, it will take less than 1 minute to connect it with the car. The diagnostic tool will automatically find the electric components that can be measured and checked.

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Embed Size px x x x x Mainframe Parts and Functions1. Right Side 12 3. Left Side Status Display LED 1. Pointing Device 1. About a Touch Panel How to Use a Touch Panel Battery 1. Battery Charging. Battery Usage.. Checking Remaining Battery Power. Component List and Spec. Components 1 Basic Items.. Option Items. System Specifications 1 Hardware Spec. Main Menu 1. Screen Layout and Description. Diagnosis Program Maintenance Information 1.

Main Menu61 2. Help per Part Help per Trouble Type Vehicle Wiring Diagrams.. Saved Data 1. Main Menu. Saved Data in Fault Diagnosis Function. Oscilloscope Saved Data.. Screen Capture Data.. Connecting to a Vehicle78 2. Main Menu Auto Measurement Manual Measurement Secondary Ignition waveform measuring method98 6. Ignition Waveform Measurement Measurement of Waveform per Trouble Type. Utility Box1. Touch Screen Calibration.

File Explorer. Hard Disk Information Internal Information Select File List Accordingly, the vehicle-related laws and regulations of the advanced countries aim not only to reduce the exhaust gas emissions and prevent the global warming but also to abandon the development of gasoline engines and promote the development of new technology e. For this purpose various laws and regulations e.

Due to the widening gap between advanced car maintenance technology and the skills of maintenance staff, the distribution level of maintenance technology is absolutely low, increasing the time it takes for maintenance staff to identify the cause of failures and troubleshoot vehicle problems. It also has a recording function allowing recording of abnormal signals, which can then be replayed for analysis.

CARMAN SCAN VG is a complete integrated vehicle information measuring system which delivers the car maintenance information of domestic vehicles in real time, and which has the intelligent self-diagnosis and recording function, satisfying the requirements of the information age.

The core of this equipment is the software implemented by programs. Therefore, the descriptions contained herein may differ from the latest version of such programs in the future. With this in mind always refer to the latest version of user manual available. Nextech Co. Users should follow the safety instructions described in this manual for safe and efficient use of the product.

The cautions in use are as follows: Do not drop the product. Never use the product without the rubber boot in place. Do not put the product on a distributor or high-tension cables. The strong surge or electric shock applied to the power cable may damage the power supply unit of the product.

So, do not use the product while the power supply is unstable. The allowed power input to the oscilloscope is 0 - V DC. Do not apply the out-of-range voltage to the input port of an oscilloscope. Status display LED Displays the status of the product. Direction Key When selecting menu items, use these keys to move up, down, left and right.

The functions of the keys on the right hand side can be changed with those of the direction keys on the left hand side 10 via menus. Mainframe Parts and Functions4. When you play sound with the built-in speaker, it may produce a splitting sound if you raise the volume. Power Button Used to turn the power of the mainframe on and off.

TIP If you press this button for 3 or more seconds while the power is on, power is turned off. You can change the functions of these keys with those of the direction keys on the right hand side 2 via menus. LCD Displays the screen of the product. I-2 Right Side of Product 1. Headphone Port Headphone connecting port.

Supports a mini plug with a diameter 3. This port may not support some shapes, so check it before purchasing one.

I-3 Left Side of Mainframe 1. Keyboard Connector Used for connection to a keyboard. I-4 Top of Mainframe 1. Power Connector A connector for connection to AC adaptor or vehicle battery. When using the USB device not connected to external power source, the maximum power consumption per port is mA. For the details, see the manual of a USB device. Using a battery will weaken the power of the battery.

Scope Cable Ports Ports used to connect cables for oscilloscope or multimeter functions. I-5 Back of Mainframe 1. Pen for Touch Panel A pen for touch panel is placed here. Be sure to put it back here after using it to prevent loss. Support The support makes it easy to put the product on a working table for convenient use. Built-in Battery Pack A built-in battery pack is included. Vent Hole Discharges the heat generated inside of the product. If you turn on the power, the internal cooling fan rotates to discharge the heat.

Post on Apr views. Category: Documents 15 download. Cautions in Handling 22 V. External Display Device1. How to Connect Power Supply Pictures of Components1. Basic Items Asian Kit Europe Kit Germany.. Europe Kit France 35 5. USA Kit


Carman Scan Lite Manual

Embed Size px x x x x Mainframe Parts and Functions1. Right Side 12 3. Left Side Status Display LED 1.


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