Here I shared with two books for you, see if you wanted to study about this subject practically then do attend all labs, then I am sure you will get best out of it. And this is one of the scoring subject in mechanical engineering, just you need to focus from beginning and of course start preparation from syllabus because different university having different plan. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead.

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Descubra todo lo que Scribd tiene para ofrecer, incluyendo libros y audiolibros de importantes editoriales. Semester: 1. Subject Name. Advanced Machine Design. Course content. General design procedure for design problems, design concepts, product design and development, Product design specifications, Product life cycle, Protection of intellectual property, Bench marking, Brainstorming, Ethics in Engineering design, Whistle blowing.

Dynamic design of Mechanical equipments: Modelling of machine tools, Aircraft and Automobiles etc. Recent developments in pressure vessel design, testing of pressure vessels as per standards. Computer aided design of pressure vessels. Rotating disc and rotating cylinder:- Disc with uniform thickness — disc for uniform strength — stresses in rotating cylinders with and without internal pressure.

Thermal stress, creep and stress rupture; Dynamic and fatigue behaviour. Advances in gear design, gear materials, corrective gear design, gear rating calculation as per BIS, etc. Quality Function Deployment — Concurrent engineering.

Reference Books :. Mechanical System Design by Farazdak Haidery. Engineering Design by George E. Dieter, McGraw Hill. Material handling equipment by P. Rudenko, MIR Publication. Handbook of Gear design by G. Maitra, vol. Mechanical Vibrations by S. Pressure Vessel Design by Bednar. Process Equipment Design by Joshi. Computer Aided Machine Design. Geometric modelling: Types of mathematical representation of curves, wire frame models wire frame entities parametric representation of synthetic curves Hermit cubic splines Bezier curves, B-splines rational curves.

Representations : B-rep and C-rep, Feature based modelling. Surface modeling :Mathematical representation surfaces, Surface model, Surface entities surface representation, Parametric representation of surfaces, plane surface, rule surface, surface of revolution, Tabulated Cylinder. Single objective and Multi-objective functions related to machine component design. Sivasubramanian, Tata Mc Graw Hill international.

Geometric Modelling, Mortenson, M. David F. Rogers and J. Engineering Optimization by S. Engineering Optimization by Kalyanmoy Deb. Design of Machine Elements by C. Computer Aided Production Management. Computerized relative allocation of facility technique, automated layout design program and computerized relationship layout planning for facility location and layout.

Group Technology: - Introduction, objectives part families, algorithms and models for G. Design and manufacturing attributes. Detailed capacity planning, manufacturing resources planning. Job Sequencings, scheduling. Computer Aided Production Management — P. Production Operation Management — Adam Ebert. Radhakrishnan, S. Subramanyan, New Age International. Advanced Materials And Processes. DESIGN:Introduction :Design philosophy — steps in Design process — General Design rules for manufacturability — basic principles of designing for economical production — creativity in design.

General design recommendations for machined parts. METAL CASTING: Appraisal of various casting processes, selection of casting process, - general design considerations for casting — casting tolerances — use of solidification simulation in casting design — product design rules for sand casting.

ASM Handbook, Vol. K Chitale and R. Material Science and Materials. Anisotropic properties, Properties of material,. Thermal Conductivity, Wridemann — Franz ratio. Bio- materials — Determining mechanical properties and their applications. Recent trends in Bio-Material Characterization. Muralidharan, Pearson Education. Van Vlack, Pearson Education.

Deiter, McGraw Hill Intl. Theory of Elasticity and Plasticity by Timoshenko. Mechanical Engineering For Mechatronics. Introduction to Mechatronics:Origin and evaluation, definition, multidisciplinary scenario, need in industry, objectives, design of Mechatronics systems, modules in the system, Mechatronics technology, Mechatronics and engineering skills, overview, system and Mechatronics, measurement system, microprocessor based controllers, engine management system, automatic camera, automatic washing machine and automatic bathroom scale.

Overview of Sensors and Transducers: Definitions, classification, performance parameters, pressure sensors and flow sensors, Hall effect sensors, light sensors, proximity sensors, optical sensor and desirable features of sensors and transducers.

Hydraulic System: Actuators, Hydraulic Cylinders and their types, Hydraulic Motors and their types, Valves and their types, symbols for Hydraulic System Components, general hydraulic circuit, different types of hydraulic circuits and hydrostatic transmission. Pneumatic Systems: Introduction to pneumatics, gas laws, compressed air generation and contamination control, pneumatic actuators, valves and control circuits, multiple-actuators circuits, pneumatic applications, maintenance, trouble shooting and safety.

System Models: Elements of mechanical systems, spring mass damper system, an unconventional Approach, arrangement and application of mechanical elements, elements of Electrical Engineering, unconventional solution to RLC circuit, application of DC Servomotor, Hydraulic System Modelling, Modelling of actuators and control valves and Thermal Systems and their Modelling. Elements of Machine Tools: Structure, design considerations for structures, guide ways, their requirements and classification, slide ways, stick-slip phenomena, antifriction ways, shapes and types slide ways, re-circulation ball screw and nut, planetary roller screw, spindle and spindle bearings, types of loads on spindles, types of bearings, bearing material selection, antifriction bearings, preloading and its methods for re-circulating ball screw and antifriction bearing and frictionless bearings.

Introduction to Mechatronics. Knowledge of mechanical engineering required for Mechatronics. Overview of sensors and transducers. Hydraulic system and its components. Prepare hydraulic circuit for given application. Pneumatic system and its components. Prepare pneumatic circuit for given application. Preparation of system models. Machine Tools and their components. Design of machine tool component. Preparation of computer program for 2D transformations. Preparation of computer program for 3D transformations.

Study of Wire frame Modelling and making models using commercial software. Study of Surface Modelling and making models using commercial software. Development of computer program for the Optimization of Machine elements. Software Practice Project- Acquire skill to use any CAD software, to prepare solid models of assembly and components and prepare the views from CAD file of solid models.

A project to prepare solid models and their views of assembly and components is to be completed and submitted.

Salient features and facilities of ideal software. Forecasting methods and c program of any one. Computerized plant layout design. Material requirement planning. Group technology. Computer aided process planning. Computer aided quality control. Enterprise resource planning. Programs are to be developed and used in above topics. At least one project and case study should be undertaken.

Recent research and development are to be referred. Semester: 2. Finite Element Method. Co-ordinates, basic element shapes, interpolation function.


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List of ebooks and manuels about Cad cam and automation by farazdak haideri online. Welding Manufacturing Process OffiOffice Automation ce Automation ce Automation. As per CAT Exam

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