Schematics, logic equations and application notes are available to ease hardware development and reduce time to market. The DSK comes with a full compliment of on-board devices that suit a wide variety of application environments. This stand alone C DSK comes with a wide range of on board peripherals and interfaces to allow the development of a variety of signal processing applications. EMIF signals are also connected daughter card expansion connectors which are used for third party add-in boards.

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PDF , 2. The VelociTI arch. Topics covered includegetting started, board design, system testing, and checklists to aid in your initial design and debug efforts. Each section includes pointers to valuable information including technical documentation, models, symbols, and refe. Because of the compatibility between TMSC? This capability a. Discussed also are some of the key points to remember when. PDF , 1. Discussed also are some of the. Discussed also are som. Discussed als.

Because of the compatibility between TMSC generation devices, existing C software tools and development platforms can be used to develop code for the C67x and other future devices. This capability allows for s. The software demonstrates how to use the EDMA controller to efficiently collect data from the data converter.

With this flexibility comes the responsibility to intelligentl. Power consumption on these devices is highly application dependent, so a spreadsheet is provided to model power consumption for a user's application.

To get good results from the spreadsheet, realistic usage parameters must be entered. The low core v. The objective of this document is to indicate differences between these devices. Functions that are identical between these devices are not included. For detailed information on t. To maximize bandwidth, minimize transfer interference, and fully utilize the resources of the EDMA, it is crucial to understand the architecture of the engine. This document details actual bandwidth achieved under various operating conditions.

Typically, the DMA is used to:Transfer blocks of data between external and internal data memoriesRestructure portions of internal data memoryContinually service a peripheralPage program s.

The EDMA performs:o cache servicingo host-port servicingo user-programmable data transfers Through proper configuration, EDMA channels can be set up to operate continuously without requiring CPU intervention or reprogramming. This allows the CPU to use its. This application report includes a diagram showing connections be. This document includes a schematic showing connections between the two devices, PAL equations, and verification that timing requirements are met for each device tables and timing.

The document includes schematics showing connections between the two devices, PAL equations, and verification that timing requirements are met for each device tables and timing diagrams.

This includes a schematic showing connections between the two devices and verification that timing requirements are met for each device tables and timing diagrams. Details on the signals and logic required to implement both PCI slave and maste. This source clock for the device is an external signal that, depending on the clock mode, either drives the on-chip Phase-Locked Loop PLL circuit, which multiplies the source clock in freq. I2S is a protocol for transmitting two channels of digital audio data over a single serial connection.

The interface is also applicable to TI? The highly. Intrinsics are used like functions and produce assembly language statements that would otherwise be inexpressible in C. The problem is that once you have performed the first optimization step, your C source code is no longer ANSI C compatible. The code proposed within this appli. This document also describes the usage of McBSP registers and sample code to perform the above function.

Circular buffering helps to implement finite impulse response FIR filters efficiently. Filters require delay lines or buffers of past and current samples.

Circular addressing simplifies the manipulation of pointers in accessing the data samples. This application report addresses the following.

This document describes the following:EMIF control registers and asynchronous interface signals Download. The EMIF provides a glueless interface to a variety of external memory devices. The McBSP is connected to a stereo audio codec device. The audio codec AC'97 standard spec. The McBSP. The McBSP initialization and contr. The EMIF is a glueless interface to a variety of external memory devices.

Companding refers to the compression and expansion of transfer data before and after transmission, respectively. TDM provides multiple devices a time slot to perform data transfer. Thus, multiple users operate various channels; however, each user has a set of channel s assigned for transmission and re. Typically, McBSPs of similar device numbers a. The boot process is determined by latching the boot configuration settings at reset. The default state of the emulation signals determines whether the JTAG port is used for emulation or for boundary scan.

It is therefore necessary to provide flexibility in the design to accommodate those modes that are desired. For proper operation, the serial port must be initialized in a specific order. These models accurately represent the device drivers under various process conditions.

Board characteristics, such as impedance, loading, length, number of nodes, etc. To make the best use of its resources, it is necessary to understand the architecture and schedule transfers intelligently. This document details how to summarize, analyze, and schedule system traffic to produce efficient designs.

Finally, EDMA performan. Privacy Policy Change Privacy Settings. Texas Instruments.


Datasheet Texas Instruments TMS320C6713

General-Purpose Registers. D Instruction Set Features. Bit-Counting; Normalization. D Device Configuration.


TI DSK 6713

The kit can be used in various signal processing applications, for instance in audio processing, instrumentation and telecommunications. The core of the kit is the TMSC bit floating point digital signal processor [1] , which allows for programming in C and assembly. It contains eight functional units, which can be used in parallel. The memory can be accessed by a 4-channel DMA controller. The architecture of the TMSC consists of eight functional units, which can be accessed in parallel. While the functional units only write to registers in their own data path, it is possible to read access registers from the opposite register file by using a crosspath. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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