Deskripsi lengkap Recommend Documents. Harvest Moon Neil Young. Randytoisutadeode rschvank. Tinggal bersama Rick kakaknya dan ibunya Lilia di Poultry Farm.

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Embed Size px x x x x It was also the first game to have a strategy. Barley and May will be outside looking at a pony. They'll ask you to take care of it because they. Sheep-Sheep are good money makers, but they do not give wool every day. When you buyyour sheep you have to brush, talk and feed it everyday.

After a a good amount of time, it will. Even if you have a lot of fish in your pond, you only. Additionally, if you place a small fish into the pond, in time it will grow to be evenlarger, allowing you to breed fish to sell. Then she will stay pregnant for about 2 seasons. After 2. When your baby is first born, you won't be able to pick it up.

Only your wife can pick it up. Yourbaby will have a heart level and it is your job to keep it up. You can't start raising it's heart level. Post on Oct 1. Category: Documents download. Released on Playstation, this was the first game in the series to be created for a non-Nintendo system.

The game takes place in a brand new town, and features many of the same characters as Harvest Moon 64, though many of their relationships and occupations have changed. There are many new crops, festivals and events to witness as well. It was also the first game to have a strategy guide released with it by Prima. Take good care of your cows to milk them for all their worth! You can also enter cows in the annual cow festival. When you buy your first chicken, and feed it every day, it will give you eggs almost immediately.

Chickens are great as one of your first investments to insure a steady income from selling eggs. You can own up to 10 chickens. Price-1,G DogYour dog is with you from the start. You'll first meet him as a puppy, and in 3 months he will become a full grown dog. Give him attention each day, and make sure to bring him inside on a rainy day. If you get your dog up to ten hearts and train him, he may even win the Dog Race! Price-Free HorseYour horse is also given to you for free.

Go to Yodel Farm during the first spring and Barley and May will be outside looking at a pony. They'll ask you to take care of it because they don't have room and will then take it to your farm for you. Make sure to buy a brush at the Blacksmith's to brush your horse each day. You will need to raise your horse's heart level to 8 by the first winter or else Barley will take the horse away. After a a good amount of time, it will turn into an adult and you will be able to shear it for wool.

You can keep fish in the pond on your farm to hold onto them as well. Buy fish food at the supermarket for 20G a meal if you choose to keep fish on the farm. Even if you have a lot of fish in your pond, you only need to put on fish food in a day.

Feed them everyday, and after about 20 days, they will start reproducing. The baby can also only be a boy. They probably did this so they had to do less programming. Here are the steps to get a baby!

Love You need to "love" your wife. This means give her gifts and such. About 1 season after your marraige, your wife will become pregnant. You can go to the Clinic about one season after and she will be in there and you'll find out. After 2 seasons, she will have her baby!

Baby Stage 1: Infant When your baby is first born, you won't be able to pick it up. You can't start raising it's heart level yet because you can't interact with it at all yet. Baby Stage 2: Crawling After about a year, your baby will start crawling. You can now pick it up and give it lots of presents. An example of a gift could be hot milk. It will be dressed in a little blue mous.


Walktrough For Harvest Moon BTN Bahasa Indonesia

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Fakta-fakta tentang 5 Cewek di Game Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

It is the first Harvest Moon game for a non- Nintendo console. Characters from Harvest Moon 64 were transferred to be the characters in this game, although with new lifestyles, personalities, and relatives. As a young boy, the main character went to his grandfather's farm for the summer. The boy befriended his grandfather's puppy and met a little girl his own age with whom he became close friends. When the summer was over the boy had to go back home, but he promised the little girl that he would return someday. Upon meeting the main character, mayor and other villagers decide that he would be allowed to stay as the rightful owner if he restored the farm to its original state within three years.


Harvest Moon Back To Nature Strategy Guide Official eBook in PDF Format



harvest moon back to nature complete guide book


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