If Kimmel is right, men act masculine—even in ways that are potentially self-destructive—because they feel the need to impress and not be harshly judged by whom? Fairly late in his essay, Kimmel names a few dangerous behaviors many young men engage in. Do you buy it? Mention for me a couple recent pop-culture phenomena that lead you to agree or disagree with that statement. Long Description. Cancel Update Criterion.

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April March February RSS Feed. English ePortfolio. He has written or edited many books on men and masculinity. Guy code means masculinity. Also he lists four basic rules of masculinity which are summarized by psychologist-Robert Brannon. Then, Kimmel states that young men get these ideas from their male relatives or teachers.

Besides, Kimmel talks about gender police. He says that our peers are a kind of gender police, who are ready to catch every movement containing a coded gender language. But sometimes, the so called guy code will lead to homophobia. At last, Kimmel states that boys are more prone to depression, suicidal behavior, than girls.

I believe with the ideas that Kimmel talks about. We always expect a man can get strong, rich and be aggressive. It is like a social expectation or a common sense. Although Guy Code may have been a guideline to make men stronger, it really can turn out to be a harmful idea in the end. For example, boys may not be confident about whether they wear right or wrong. They may have homophobia. At last boys are more prone to depression and more fragile than girls.

Thus, I think we should not over-judge a man by using so called guy code. Author Write something about yourself. No need to be fancy, just an overview. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Get Started.


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In this essay, Kimmel explores the stereotypes of the genders, males in specific. Most of the women mainly say that being a women means you can be whatever you want to be. Kimmel then goes on to explore what it means to be a man. He has gone on to ask males all around the country what it means to be a man. We can summarize from this list of varying responses that men want to be looked at as having no weaknesses or emotions. They want to be known as powerful and as having control over every situation.


Nasty Boys

April March February January All Bibliography Paraphrasing Reflection Summary. RSS Feed. English ePortfolio. In this short section from his book Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men, published in , Michael Kimmel would like to highlight how masculinity is brought about in a male through fear and not as a natural behavior. He introduces by talking about what women feel about being a woman.

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