Macroeconomic Theory. Jean-Pascal Benassy. This graduate textbook is a primer in macroeconomics. It starts from essential undergraduate macroeconomics and develops the central topics of modern macroeconomic theory in a simple and rigorous manner. All topics essential for first year graduate students are covered.

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This book is a primer in macroeconomics. It starts from essential macroeconomics and develops the central topics of modern macroeconomic theory in a simple and rigorous manner. Topics covered include rational expectations, intertemporal dynamic models, exogenous and endogenous growth, nonclearing markets and imperfect competition, uncertainty, and money. The book also covers real business cycles and dynamic stochastic general equilibrium models, integrating growth and fluctuations, sticky wages and prices, consumption and investment, and unemployment.

Lastly, it studies government policy, stab Lastly, it studies government policy, stabilization, credibility, and the connections between politics and the macroeconomy. Each topic is presented in the simplest model possible while still delivering the relevant answers and keeping rigorous foundations throughout the book. Keywords: macroeconomics , rational expectations , intertemporal dynamic model , exogenous growth , endogenous growth , nonclearing markets , imperfect competition , uncertainty , money.

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Macroeconomic Theory

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This book is meant to a primer in macroeconomics for graduate students. To make it reader-friendly to first-year students, the first two chapters provide a summary of the concepts that should already be mastered. The next eighteen chapters progressively develop the central concepts of modern macroeconomics, with the aim of being as comprehensive as possible, while offering, for each topic, the models that will deliver the results in the most simple manner. While writing this book, I have sought to achieve two main goals. The first one has been to present, whenever possible, models with explicit and rigorous microeconomic foundations, however simple they may be. Indeed, the evolution of macroeconomics in the last decades has been characterized by an inexorable move away from ad hoc models and toward models with such foundations. This has been a highly valuable development.

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