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Showing posts with the label I thought it would be interesting to test this out for myself. With the advent of Several years later, Though 80MHz channels are not feasible in many environments and MHz is limited to very niche scenarios, they nonetheless are options.

Theoretically, each time we double our channel width, we are going to double our connection speed and our throughput there are some protocol efficiencies achieved which mean we may slightly ….

Read more. Just because you buy yourself a nice new shiny smartphone that you hope supports I've tidied a few things up and added some information around After previously looking at the challenges we may face with The Solution? I'm not aware of any "magic bullet" to solve all of the challenges outlined in this series of articles sorry. More spectrum will certainly help things. But, time-scales for the allocation and adoption of new spectrum are not clear at this point in time, though many agencies around the world are considering ways to free up more spectrum to improve WiFi capacity.

Though spectrum may become available in relatively short time-frames, there will still, no doubt, be a significant time-lag before this permeates through in to the world of vendor and consumer WiFi products remember the issues raised around UNII-2e support?

The best way to mitigate the issues discussed…. In part one of this series looking at In this second installment, we look at further challenges to designing and deploying Extended Channel UNII-2e Device Support Although we may be located well away from any obvious sources of radar interference, there may be other obstacles to the 5GHz nirvana outlined in the One ugly fact affecting WiFi networks on the 5GHz band is that not all devices that use the 5GHz band support all of the unlicensed channels available in our region.

The remaining available channels, - are not supported at all. I think that this variation in support for channels was originally rooted in a lack of support for devices in the UNII-2e channels channels - 14….

The WiFi industry has been buzzing with excitement around the recently ratified There are obviously challenges as we move through the transition from legacy standards to the shiny new We can still …. However, information about plans for additional spectrum allocation within the UK isn't quite so widely covered in fact, I'd go so far as to say that it is largely ignored. But, here in the UK we still face the same issues as many other areas of the world: an explosion in mobile devices, massive deployment of WiFi networks in homes and businesses, and an ongoing increase in bandwidth demands.

WiFi in the UK operates on both the 2. We have 13 channels allocated for WiFi on 2. On the 5GHz band, we have 19 channels allocated to WiFi, but are generally limited to using only 16 of those channels due to restrictions in supporting 3 channels that may interfere with weather radar system…. Aruba Tech Field Day - Yesterday was the official launch of Aruba's journey in to the world of I was a virtual participant, watching from over here in the UK.

I have to say up-front that I do not currently supply or support Aruba products, but was very interested to hear more about their views on There was a lot of ground covered, but here a few brief notes of things that I found of particular interest for the sessions I managed to view. Looking at many manufacturer data sheets, channels , and are often shown as not being supported. I recently posted a question about this on a partner forum of a major WiFi vendor that I deal with and finally got a definitive answer on this.

In this post, I'll share my findings. The reason that these particular channels - receive special treatment is that they occupy frequencies that are used by weather radar systems. WiFi systems have to be very careful not to interfere with those systems during their normal operation.

Therefore, WiFi equipment has some additional checks and tests imposed on it to make sure that it does not inadvertently cause any interfer…. With all of the excitement around Having a quick scan of the reviews across the web about the new handset, I was intrigued to see claims that it supports Feeling a little sceptical that it would support anything close to those speeds, I did a bit of digging to see what I could find.

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Broadcom BCM unleashes Wi-Fi 6 for broader phone market with a highly-integrated, more affordable solution. The BCM is a highly integrated chip that brings together the latest innovations in Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5 innovations to offer smartphone makers a low-cost, high-performance connectivity solution for their mass market products. With these new features, the BCM brings steady, high-speed Wi-Fi and unprecedented quality of service to the mass smartphone market, adding to the ever-growing Wi-Fi 6 ecosystem of access points and routers in homes, offices and high-traffic venues. Different packaging options for the chip also create flexibility for phone designers to balance space constraints, cost and radio performance.


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By balbes , May 6, Oh, yes, you are right, it is only Mbps box. Thank you very much for explanation. I will first try to play with Ethernet adapter, as Mbps would be just fine..


BCM4335 Datasheet


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