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And Bogner, P. And Wellin, Paul R. Tuesday, February 26, Askep Bronchopneumonia Pada Anak. Is a category of lung infections. It occurs when viruses, bacteria, or fungi cause inflammation and infection in the alveoli tiny air sacs in the lung. Bronchopneumonia, or lobular pneumonia, is a type of pneumonia that also causes inflammation in the bronchi.

These are the air passages that feed air into the lungs. Someone with bronchopneumonia may have trouble breathing because their airways are constricted. Due to inflammation, their lungs may not get enough air. Symptoms of bronchopneumonia can be mild or severe. Symptoms of bronchopneumonia may be very similar to other types of pneumonia. This condition often begins with flu-like symptoms that can become more severe over a few days. Symptoms in children Children and infants may display symptoms differently.

Many cases of bronchopneumonia are caused by bacteria. Outside the body, the bacteria are contagious and can spread between people in close proximity through sneezes and coughs. A person becomes infected by breathing in the bacteria. People who come to the hospital for treatment of other illnesses often have a compromised immune system. Being sick affects how the body normally fights off bacteria. Under these conditions, the body will have difficulty tackling a new infection.

Pneumonia that occurs in a hospital setting may also be the result of bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics. Age: People who are 65 or older and children who are 2 or younger have a higher risk for developing bronchopneumonia and complications from the condition. Environmental: People who work in, or often visit, hospital or nursing home facilities have a higher risk for developing bronchopneumonia. Lifestyle: Smoking, poor nutrition, and a history of heavy alcohol use can increase your risk for bronchopneumonia.

Medical conditions: Having certain medical conditions can increase your risk for developing this type of pneumonia. Only a doctor can diagnose bronchopneumonia. Your doctor will begin by conducting a physical exam and asking about your symptoms. They may also send you for tests to rule out other possible causes that could lead to similar symptoms. Other conditions include bronchitis, bronchial asthma, or lobar pneumonia.

The tests may include. Tests Results Bronchopneumonia will usually show up as multiple patchy areas of infection, usually in both lungs and mostly at the lung bases. A high number of total white blood cells, along with high numbers of certain types of white blood cells, may indicate a bacterial infection. Or These tests show the type of organism causing the infection. Capture One Pro 11 — The standout choice in image editing software! Thanks to our custom camera profiling, every RAW file shines — straight from the camera.

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Askep Bronchopneumonia Pada.doc

Diploma thesis, Jurusan Keperawatan Bronchopneumonia adalah penyebaran daerah nfeksi yang berbercak dengan diameter sekitar 3 sampai 4 cm mengelilingi dan juga melibatkan bronchi Sylvia A. Bronkopneumonia disebut juga pneumonia lobularis yaitu suatu peradangan pada parenkim paru yang terlokalisir yang biasanya mengenai. Bronkopneumonia is an infection on pulmonary parenchyma caused by bacteria, virus, fungus or foreign objects. Nursing diagnoses which appears on Bronkopneumonia child is gas exchange disruption is the excess and deficiency of oxygenation or elimination of carbon dioxide on capillary alveolar membrane. The aim of this research is to find out description of nursing care on a Bronkopneumonia child with gas exchange disruption at Cilinaya ward Mangusada Badung public hospital on the year



Diploma thesis, Jurusan Keperawatan Bronkopneumonia is an infection on pulmonary parenchyma caused by bacteria, virus, fungus or foreign objects. Nursing diagnoses which appears on Bronkopneumonia child is gas exchange disruption is the excess and deficiency of oxygenation or elimination of carbon dioxide on capillary alveolar membrane. The aim of this research is to find out description of nursing care on a Bronkopneumonia child with gas exchange disruption at Cilinaya ward Mangusada Badung public hospital on the year

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