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See a breakdown of standards in pre-ballot, ballot, and editing: Chart Standards. Skip to main content. Energy Primers What is Fracking? Why is fracking for natural gas important? What chemicals are used in fracking?

What are alternatives to make fracking less impactful? Is that true? How much water does hydraulic fracturing use? How is groundwater protected during hydraulic fracturing? Does fracking cause flaming water faucets? How many jobs has the oil and natural gas industry created? Does hydraulic fracturing cause earthquakes? What are fracking myths? Natural gas is alternative energy What are the claims of anti-fracking activists?

What does EPA say about water contamination? Standards Plan. See a breakdown of standards in pre-ballot, ballot, and editing: Chart Standards Downstream Midstream Upstream Published For the best experience, please view on full-size desktop Committee Pub. Type Pub. No Title Ed. For the best experience, please view on full-size desktop Committee Pub.

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It contains recommendations for good practices in a the collection of well or lease production, b gauging, c delivery to pipeline carriers for transportation, and d other production storage and treatmsent operations. This recommended practice is intended primarily for application to tanks fabricated to API Specifications 12B, D, F, and P sometimes called the API 12 series in this document when employed in on-land production service; but its basic principles are applicable to atmospheric tanks of other dimensions and specifications when they are employed in similar oil and gas production, treating, and processing services. It is not applicable to refineries, petrochemical plants, marketing bulk stations, or pipeline storage facilities operated by carriers. Recommendations for specific corrosion mitigation techniques are not within the scope of this document. Numerous variations in piping systems and tank components are known to give satisfactory service. Format: Select Format Print Online.

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