Subject: Zoo management and the proposed animal framework legislation. Subject: Binding effects of the certificate on the posting of workers. Subject: Violation of the right to freedom of expression and discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in Lithuania. Subject: Action plan on the competitiveness of the pharmaceutical sector. Subject: Discriminatory behaviour by Eurogroup Italia.

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Subject: Zoo management and the proposed animal framework legislation. Subject: Binding effects of the certificate on the posting of workers. Subject: Violation of the right to freedom of expression and discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in Lithuania. Subject: Action plan on the competitiveness of the pharmaceutical sector. Subject: Discriminatory behaviour by Eurogroup Italia.

Subject: Big data and addressable TV technology. Subject: Competitiveness and decline in university enrolments.

Subject: Yet another postponement of the trial of two Italian marines. Subject: New sensors for detecting mycotoxins. Subject: New leak of contaminated water at Fukushima.

Subject: Direct funding programmes and the town of Maglie. Subject: Direct funding programmes and the town of Castelluccio dei Sauri. Subject: Bill to allow corporal punishment in Kansas schools. Subject: Medical research and new discoveries: better guarantees for citizens.

Subject: Risks associated with nappy rash creams for babies. Subject: Risk of terrorist attacks against airliners. Subject: European cities enjoy some of the world's highest living standards. Subject: People trafficking in the Sinai Peninsula. Subject: Making progress on a directive on the accessibility of public sector bodies' websites. Subject: Excessive disparities between roaming charges outside the EU charged by operators inside the EU. Subject: Killing of dolphins in the Faroe Islands.

Subject: Economically most advantageous tender in public procurement. Subject: Plastic waste washing up on the Croatian coast from Albania. Subject: Use of homonymous geographical indications. Subject: Resentment of European Union leaders at the outcome of a referendum in Switzerland.

Subject: Lengthy interruptions to fishing activity due to poor weather at sea. Subject: Notification and assessment of changes to feed-in tariff rates for household wind turbines. Subject: Funds granted to Serbia as a pre-accession country. Subject: Death of a young Christian in Pakistan after abuse by the police. Subject: Update on discrimination against religious minorities in Pakistan. Subject: Biodiversity under threat in the Mekong basin.

Subject: Whaling and sanctions against Iceland. Subject: Bali Package and future of the global trade in services. Subject: Creative Europe and obstacles for operators in the cultural and creative sector. Subject: Another attack in Afghanistan — strategic prospects for the future. Subject: New study on treatment for deafness and hearing loss. Subject: New voice call service risks disrupting the market.

Subject: New pilot project in tourism sector. Subject: Pilot project relating to alternative road networks in case of unfavourable weather events. Subject: Decommissioning of old armaments and chemical weapons in Albania. Subject: Programmes for direct funds, town of Santa Maria di Leuca.

Subject: Direct funding programmes, city of Muro Leccese. Subject: Direct funding programmes and the town of Torremaggiore. Subject: Direct funding programmes and the town of Trani. Subject: Scientific research into microchip implants. Subject: Laser technologies and warfare applications.

Subject: Rumours about Turkey's involvement in funding the Syrian rebels. Subject: Apulian grape marc to treat people contaminated by radiation — update. Subject: Pajares bypass and serious environmental damage. Subject: Proposal for a Franco-German communications network. Subject: Global Approach to Migration and Mobility. Subject: Increasing female participation in employment.

Subject: Restrictions to fundamental rights for national security purposes. Subject: Exploitation of prostitutes in China. Subject: Asbestos in public buildings in Portugal. Subject: Policy for managing the Union's external borders. Subject: Greece in serious breach of European law. Subject: Freedom of the press in Greece and public service broadcasting. Subject: Preferential treatment within the construction industry in Greece. Subject: The Venezuelan dictatorship and European interests.

Subject: Unequal treatment by the Commission of Member States providing state aid to businesses. Subject: Import and sale of textiles contaminated by chemicals.

Subject: Pollution of seas and oceans by chemical weapons. Subject: European airports falling in the global rankings. Subject: Cases of doping at the Sochi Winter Olympics. Subject: Waste emergency in the Municipality of Foggia — update.

Subject: Harm to health caused by the nargile. Subject: One thousand families displaced in Pakistan. Subject: First female leader of an Egyptian political party. Subject: Systemic and widespread human rights violations in North Korea. Subject: Non-invasive cancer screening techniques.

Subject: Recent approval of child euthanasia by the Belgian Parliament. Subject: Request for an opinion on the Live Open Science research and experimentation project. Subject: Illegal compulsory eviction of Roma settlements in Romania. Subject: Imprisonment of Turkish Cypriot conscientious objector and human rights activist Murat Kanatli. Subject: Cigarette smuggling and other forms of illicit trade in tobacco products in the EU.

Subject: Negotiations between the Commission and Russia about revision of intergovernmental agreements on construction of the South Stream pipeline. Subject: TEN-T programme: request for information on the new programming. Subject: International child abduction in Slovakia — proper enforcement of the law. Subject: International abduction of a child to Slovakia.

Subject: International abduction of a child to Slovakia — Still unresolved. What measures have been taken, or will be taken soon, by the Commission in response to this resolution? The EU has instruments to prevent the export of items that could threaten international or regional peace and stability or undermine human rights.

The responsibility for deciding on specific export authorisations lies, under the regulation, with national authorities. The Commission is currently conducting an export control policy review and intends to address this issue in a communication to be adopted in the near future. To maximise continuity and to ensure that the acquired expertise and knowledge is not lost, key staff has been transferred directly from the EUSR Sudans to the team of the EUSR for the Horn.

The validity of this approach has proven its effectiveness notably during the crisis in South Sudan. EUSR Rondos has travelled to the region almost immediately after the outbreak of violence and has been actively following the mediation since the beginning.

He is in constant contact with key stakeholders, in particular from the region. Om: Danske og udenlandske virksomheders modtagelse af penge fra EU's strukturfonde ved udflytning af job til Polen. It emerges from articles in the newsletter from the Danish trade union 3F that a number of Danish and non-Danish firms have received EU Structural Fund support in connection with relocating jobs to Poland and creating jobs there.

Can the Commission confirm that payments have been made to Danish and non-Danish firms as described in the articles? If payments have indeed been made, how does the Commission propose to ensure that there is better monitoring in future so as to prevent EU Structural Fund monies from being used to relocate jobs from one Member State to another? The Commission requested the Polish and Hungarian programme authorities to investigate the matter.

At the end of this process, and after assessing all the information at its disposal, the Commission will decide whether other actions are necessary. National authorities that manage EU funds are responsible for putting in place safeguards that prevent companies from using Community funds for the purposes of relocating from one Member States to another.

The Commission will be aware of public concern regarding the killing of a giraffe at Copenhagen Zoo, and of the policy of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria EAZA to not relocate animals surplus to the requirements for captive breeding programmes to zoos not affiliated to EAZA. Will it also confirm that the welfare of wild animals in captivity will be included within the scope of any such measure?

De daders bleven lange tijd onbekend.



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