The character first appeared in the issue Curfew. His first name is revealed as Suraj, although his surname has yet to be specified. Deeply affected by his past and the cruelty on his life, circumstances resulted in an orphaned young Suraj to build up a life-long hatred against the twisted crime system. To end the pain and guilt he suffered since childhood and avenge the deaths of his close ones, Suraj concealed his identity behind a dog mask, adopted the alter-ego of a ruthless and feared vigilante named "Doga" and set out to cleanse his city of crime and corruption, starting by massacring a local street-gang. Deeply disturbed and traumatised since childhood, Doga is a cynical and brutish, yet idealistic vigilante who believes in "uprooting the problem rather than solving it", and does not believe in upholding the laws and rules of the world since he considers the whole system corrupt and twisted. Doga is considered to be among the three most popular comic leading characters created by Raj Comics due to his huge fan following, the other two being Nagraj and Super Commando Dhruva.

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Back to: Last 6 Month. Reviews Sunday, 09 February This is a very good comics. The story is good with thrill and action. The artwork is good. Prashant Rawat. Sunday, 09 February kya doga khoj payega apne chacha k mujrim ko ya apni kiye wade k anusar de dega apni jaan. Saturday, 08 February dhaniya chacha ke upar hue hamle ko lekar doga ne khayi hai kasam ki agar usne hamlawar ko 72 ghante me uparwale ke paas nahi pahuchaya to wo aatmhatya kar lega.

Bahut hi kamal ki comic hai aur lekhni ka sahyog diya hai umda artwork ne. Friday, 07 February ye doga jab jab kasam khata hai kasam se comics me jaan aa jati hai.. Thursday, 06 February last part of lakshabhedi series, really a nice comic it is ,doga kill's villain with his bullet even it return's back to kill doga, awesome akash kumar.

Wednesday, 05 February doga ka ye series mujhe bahot pasand aaya.. Wednesday, 05 February Ek bahut hi mast comic. Kali mirchi chacha ko goli lagti h. Doga 72 hour me muzrim ko pakdne ka daava karta h aur esi wajah se underworld pe toot padta h Doga ka kahar.

Kya Doga last me kamyab hota h ya nahi wo padhe cmx me. Story kafi achhi h aur artwork v Deepak Pooniya.

Tuesday, 04 February Though the end could have been better, still satisfied. This was a very good series. Just like last few series of doga. Nice story and good artwork. Overall a very good series.. Recommended Avinash Tiwari. Amber Gupta. Saturday, 01 February Very good issue Sunny Arora.

Friday, 31 January Achhi story Doga ki Lakshy Bhedi series bahut hi pasand aayi Doga ke Kali Mirch Chacha ke jeevan ki ankahi kahani bahut hi umda hai.

Mukesh Gupta. Thursday, 30 January The story was average. The thrill of 72 hours was good. Monday, 28 October poor ending to excellent series lame yogesh. Monday, 25 February Whereas its initial part was excellent What is RC doing? Tuesday, 16 October kahani me dedo ki klayi se goli riwaind karke nisana lagane ka idea ekdam bakwas hai.

Saturday, 22 September overall story was good , it may complete in 2 parts,artwork was good. Imran Saiyed. Saturday, 01 September Series and Story ends up suddenly. No wonder. This is expected from Raj Comics. Artwork is okay. Sanjay Singh. Thursday, 30 August nice story , artwork bhi badia. Thursday, 12 July life is silly, but guys living the life better, every day u guys make a history Monday, 20 February a very interesting story,,,,har samay aap excited rehte hain ki kya hoga,,,,but isse thoda aur extend kiya ja sakta tha,,,,slightly dissapointed but its a goood one amrit kumar.

Tuesday, 20 December series ki baaki dono kahaniya behtareen hai par 72 ghante maat kha gayi. Friday, 16 December Lakshyabhedi Series ki yeh last comic 72 Ghante Apne pehle ke 2 parts ka achcha End saabit huyi hai. Iss Poori Bhaag-daud ka End kya hota hai Artwork Manuji ka Banaya hua hai Inking mein Doga ki Comics maat khaa rahi hain Iss taraf Sudhaar laane ki jaroorat hai. Overall har Doga Fan ko 72 Ghante jaroor padhni chahiye Entertaining comic hai.

Wednesday, 14 December Story jaldi jaldi mein niptaa di gaya Ajaydeep Dhillon. Sunday, 11 December lambe intzaar k baad 72hrs mili Sanjay gupta sir dwara likhi gyi ye comix mast lagi Doga ka wo concept dena police meeting me singham typ lga Story is very nice..

Artwork is hmmmm.. Friday, 09 December 72 ghante is a comic about which my opinions are neutral. Art and story were neutral as well.

I liked the last to parts of this series better but this was a good conclusion issue. Viabhav kr. Friday, 09 December well Rajiv Roy. Friday, 09 December Good ending to the series.

End me thoda rush me kahani aage badhi lekin was logical and preety good. Inspector aur wo ladki dono achanak se Doga ke favor me aa gaye, thoda ajib lagaa Sarad Dhungel. Thursday, 08 December Nothing can go wrong with this set. A perfect ending to this year. Raj Comics is really back with a boom. And this issue is no exception. This comics has everything that one expects from a good doga issue. Thursday, 08 December good story,action is enough. To Top.


72 Ghante 3






Doga (comics)


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