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I just started a project on the mentioned kit. My current problem is: I just cannot figure out how you read and write from and to the SD-RAM chip that is mounted on the Xplained board.

Has someone a hint to a website explaining the basics or is such a kind guy to explain it to me? Hobbycoder wrote: Has someone a hint to a website explaining the basics or is such a kind guy to explain it to me?

There are some examples in Studio 6, but my quick search didn't find an example for that board and that memory chip. Seems like you'll need to merge the information from several example projects. If anyone did this work already for his own I would be extremely happy if he posts the values here. It would be great if you could tell me if I did right:. Those values are very similar to what an ASF example project has in sdramc.

Yes but that uses a different chip so I cannot just copy the data. I will find out if these are correct by try and error. Okey, me again. I cannot find the mistake so I will post my code. Maybe you will find it. I am becoming desperate. Skip to main content. Log in or register to post comments. Go To Last Post. Level: New Member. Posts: 6 View posts. Posted by Hobbycoder : Mon. Mar 18, - PM. Fivestar widget 1 2 3 4 5. Hello there. I already used the forum search and google.

Level: Wannabe. Posts: 58 View posts. Posted by Cybernetician : Tue. Mar 19, - AM. Log in or register to post comments Top. Level: Posting Freak. Posts: View posts. Posted by mikech : Tue. Posted by Hobbycoder : Tue. Mar 19, - PM. Posted by mikech : Thu. Mar 21, - AM. Posted by Hobbycoder : Thu. Mar 21, - PM. Posted by Hobbycoder : Fri. Mar 22, - AM. I modified the original files. Default configuration is used. Unit: ns. Refresh period. Unit: us. SDRAM size. Posted by Hobbycoder : Sat.

Mar 30, - PM. I got it now. I send an E-Mail to Atmel and they send me the correct sdram.


48LC432B2-7, 48LC4M16A2-75, 48LC4M16A2-75C



MT48LC4M16A2 SDRAM. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent


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