The component is cheap and easy to work with so it is best suited when choosing a random switching device. In the above circuit we are using 2N as a simple switching device and a small motor as the load. The small button here is for providing the trigger to the transistor and can be removed to leave simple contacts to touch. With the gain of the transistor a simple touch can trigger it. Under no interference there will be a positive voltage appearing at the base of the PNP transistor and based on working on PNP transistor having a positive voltage at gate leaves transistor in high resistance state. Based on the characteristic of a PNP transistor the current needs to flow out of base not in to the base for it to turn ON.

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This post explains Transistor 2N pinout configuration, equivalent, specs, how and where to use this transistor and other details. Apart from that it can be used in wide variety of electronic applications like switching and amplification.

The max collector current of the transistor is mA that is a quite good value in its size. With mA collector current it can be used to control variety of loads in electronic circuits. Moreover the transistor is also having Max collector dissipation of miliWatt and max DC current gain of these are also some good value in this size package to use it as a small amplification or preamplification purposes.

Moreover this transistor can also be used as a small amplifier at the output of the circuit to directly drive a speaker or as an amplifier in many audio related circuits.

It can also be used as a microphone preamplifier or as a preamplifier for many small audio signals. It can also be used to amplify any type of small signal.

If you want that transistor to perform long term in your circuit then it is essential to not go above the values define here.

It is also suggested to always stay some numbers below the maximum value for safety and long term performance. Do not drive load more than mA with this transistor, always operate the load under 40V DC. Use a suitable base resistor with the transistor; always check the pin configuration before placing in the circuit.

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2N4403 Datasheet



2N4403 Bipolar Transistor


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