Mycotoxin contamination causes serious economical and toxicological problems in animal products. Dairy cattle breeding industry is one of the most suffering animal breeding industry by this hazard. Generally the toxication develops chronically and it does not show any clinical sign on animals. Therefore it is very difficult to identify the mycotoxin contamination in the farm site. For this purpose, feedstuffs corn silage, dry clover and concentrated feed and milk bulk tank samples were taken from 50 different dairy cattle breeding companies in the Aegean Region. The level of AF M1 was found between 0.

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Aflatoxins are produced by fungi including Aspergillus flavus , Aspergillus parasiticus and Aspergillus nomius , and they are toxic to both humans and animals. These substances may occur in various crops and cereals under suitable temperature and moisture conditions.

The type of aflatoxin most commonly found in milk and dairy products is aflatoxin M 1. In this study, general information about aflatoxins, the toxicity of aflatoxin M 1 , various ways of its transition into milk and dairy products, reduction of aflatoxin M 1 level in these products, and its presence in various dairy products are discussed. Year , Volume 17 , Issue 3, Pages - Zotero Mendeley EndNote. Aflatoxin M1 , Milk , Dairy products. References [1] Iqbal, S.

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Repository Login Signup to be member. Object Details. In this study, the aim was to determine the level of aflatoxin and the change in the quantity of aflatoxin according to periods in trout feed used in the trout producing farm in Adana and environs. The most important problem, which aflatoxin contaminated feed causes in trout producing, is even at very low levels, it reduces the benefit from the feed and causes retrogreeion in growth.


Kırmızı Pul Biberlerde Aflatoksin Ve Okratoksin A Varlığının İncelenmesi


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