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It seems that you're using an outdated browser. Some things may not work as they should or don't work at all. What is GOG. Owned Buy now Pre-order now. Owned Free. New releases. On sale now. Movies for gamers. Browse all games. More GOG. GOG Galaxy. Join the team. Game technical issues. Orders and payments. Account and website. Community wishlist. About GOG. General discussion forum. Support Game technical issues.

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Posted March 27, Posted April 09, EOB1's I found on the net a long time ago and corrected some entries. I never found EOB2's, so I created it myself this morning, I still have my original manuals in paper.

Posted October 26, Posted October 27, Posted December 21, It gives me "incorrect" whatever I type, even if I use the codewheel and I have the original codewheel Can anybody help, please? I just want to go back to those wonderful nights Thanks Roberto. Posted June 08, I keep having copy protection problems with these games. Posted July 16, Posted March 07, That old geocities site was mine back in the day. Just go the the link above, then go to the Search link at the top of the page and search for one of the games.

Drag the requested file onto the drop target, then click the button to download a cracked version. Or, just manually apply it yourself by looking at the differences after clicking the buttons to expand them on the page.

Posted December 01, Posted March 11, I cannot get the code wheel to launch, so I cannot start the game! I have a Mac. Is there a trick?


Very Computer

I preferred the code wheels to the random page of the book checks, because the wheels were nifty. I was a kid, what can I say? Great site, by the way. In the mid to late 80's, computer gamer players were beginning to get fed up with playing games strictly off floppies. As MS-DOS came with virtually every clone PC and offered standardized methods for interfacing with hard and floppy drives, combined with prices that made hard drives within reach of consumers and smaller businesses, game companies started to realize that the days of floppy-only games were coming to an end. At first, several game companies like Sierra tried to compromise by allowing a game to be installed to the hard drive, but requiring a copy-protected "key disk" to be in the floppy drive when playing the game. Consumers still complained because floppy disks were fragile and they wanted to make backups of their games.


Hillsfar - Translation Wheel ~ interactive code wheel online

Besides the fact that propably some die-hard RPG freaks could flame you for calling Hillsfar a "real" RPG ;- - you said something that really pisses me: Hillsfar has had a codewheel?!?!? Well, I must admit I was pretty amazed myself when I was looking at my original copy and found no obvious protection I "D64'ed" it in or something, so I didn't have the package handy to check for the existance of a codewheel or something like that Well, shit Could you, maybe tell me where this code request happens? I've never been a cracker, but I got some experience with the obviously quite easy to defeat protection schemes of SSI games meanwhile. Top Hillsfar code wheel?


Hillsfar download

It features a combination of real-time action and randomly generated quests. Players start their game by creating a character. Various characteristics of the new character, such as strength and intelligence , are assigned a random value by the computer. There are two aspects to the game: arcade action, where the player performs tasks expressed as mini-games such as searching for treasure and traveling between locations, and adventure , where the player completes quests. While the quests need to be completed in a set order, "what you do in your time off is up to you", and thus the player is free to explore other aspects of the game. The game is presented in three modes.


Hillsfar – Code Wheel


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